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                                                                                    Pantheon interview  23/02/2022

MM: "Empire in Ruin" has been out a short while, how pleased are you with the feedback so far from media and fans  

Bj: It has been pretty crazy and I admit we were not prepared for this but 

We are ready now and very excited to play live shows again soon.

MM:Tell us about the inspirations and ideas behind the album

Bj: Honestly wanting to focus more on the song structure that we 

Really enjoy instead of what everyone else is doing and re capture 

that moment in time of music we loved growing up and the lyrics have changed 

to kinda focus on real horror like serial killers but ideas that we combined 

To create our own horror story in a way.

MM: I am a big fan of album artwork and your albums artwork is eye-catching did u have a lot of input into the design

Bj: Arkansas really didn’t have a lot of ways in the 90’s to check out new albums 

So album artwork really helped us make buying a album a deal breaker and I love 

that thrash style artwork especially Slayer so I gave the artist my thoughts and the cover 

came out perfect! 


MM: Tell us your plans for tour and  festivals 

Nothing set in stone yet that I can announce due to waiting on contracts 

But we might have a busy year. April 26 we will be playing our hometown Little 

Rock, Arkansas with Ghost Bath, Harakiri for the Sky and Unrequited 


HH Presents: GHOST BATH w/ Harakiri For The Sky, Unrequited & Pantheon


MM: Do you plan to do live streams at some of your shows  

You never know so check out our Facebook and we’ll announce them as we can do those. 


MM:Who would be three your ultimate bands to head out on tour with

Obituary, Carcass, Anthrax


MM: First concert u ever went to

Living Sacrifice at a local venue now legendary Vino’s Brewpub in Little Rock 


MM: The last concert u went to

Heilung to just go to a concert as a fanPutrid Pile and PoonTickler as support band 

MM: If there was a heavy metal song about yourself what would it be called

Hmm, Angel of Disease by Morbid Angel but not sure honestly haha


MM: Four words to describe Pantheon

Old School, Aggressive, Fun, Professional 


fast five fave questions:

1.Fave band          


2. fave singer       

Jeff Walker        

3.fave drink       

Liquid Death (sober now :)        

4.fave album         

Hell Awaits

5.fave inspiration       

My Grandmother because she always believed in me.


MM:Final words for your fans and our readers

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and BUY OUR ALBUM!

Sliptrick Records will be making a announcement March 3rd

and their version is different than the Necrotic Records version 

so buy both and we’ll see you on the road soon!


pantheon666 | Facebook | Linktree


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