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                                                                                                              Title: Pangea

                                                                                                              AFM Records

                                                                                                              Release 3rd June 2016

What a fine way to mark a bands thirtieth Anniversary ,Teutonic Metal Destroyers Paradox return with possibly their best Album  “Panega” it’s a release that’s over sixty minutes long ,a truly gigantic morsel of Metal to feed the Metal masses.

I reviewed the bands last Album “Tales of The Weird” which was a neck breaking thrashing monster and their newest release kinda starts where their previous opus left off. With a dramatic build up “Apohios” unleashes  quick fire drumming courtesy of Kostas Milonas and then Vocalist/Guitarist and founding member Charley Steinhauer enters the fray and delivers full on classic Metal delirium as Paradox do what they always do best, No bullshit Metal to strain your neck , and give your body one hell of a work out .  


“Raptor” gallops at you like a pissed off steed with an over dose of Ketamine ,racing , it never  lets up as Gus Draxs riffs set the night alight as he performs with furious abandonment.

“The Raging Planet” pulverizes and is a full on  assault on your mind , body , and soul. But … the best is yet to come as the next four songs  draw you in and Thrashes you senseless, the first track to be premiered from “Panega” is the excellent “Ballot or Bullet” it’s a hellish punching the air ,singing the chorus number that’s going to see some snapped necks when performed  live!


The next song is the first of three seven minute epics on here as “Manhunt” opens slowly then the chase begins , and  it’s a thrashers dream. 

Tilen Hudrap's  Bass resonates, then Gus Drax steps forward and delivers some amazing guitar wizardry, as Steinhauer leads his  Band on this Head banging quest! “Cheat and Pretend” is a highlight for me on an Album full of Highlights !!  while reviewing this release this was the track I kept returning to , its chugging melodic delivery is Old School, Bay area Thrash (Think Metallica before the Black Album) which truly delights ,and  takes you on a Helter Skelter ride with its catchy chorus ,and mid-way through the rants of a well-known , sinister , anti hero  make this track even more intense and captivating.


Title track “Pangea” is up next it’s what Paradox fans will be familiar with as they again deliver  a song over seven minutes long. This track with its fast and furious opening will entice you in as the thrashing drum beats take a hold of your mind.

Talking of enticing “Vale of Tears” has an odd effect on your consciousness as the track slowly tightens its grip on your imagination then sparks into life with  powerful melodic flair.  

 “Alien Godz” is a slower tempo and chugs along with some riff tastic thrashing power. “El Muerte” finishes of this superb release as it begun, perfect Thrash Metal that batters and rages and will not disappoint.


Paradox are a band who for some reason have always been left behind while their peers have gone on to bigger and mightier careers, these metallers have never received the recognition they deserve , with this release Justice will I hope  be served .

 Like Their German Brothers in Arms Primal Fear, who  earlier this year released a Masterpiece with “Rule breaker” I hope Paradox will get some  much deserved attention ,  break some rules and get noticed by the big promoters and decimate the world with “Panega”!


Review: Seb Di Gatto Score:10/10



01. Apophis
02. Raptor
03. The Raging Planet
04. Ballot Or Bullet
05. Manhunt
06. Cheat & Pretend
07. Pangea
08. Vale Of Tears
09. Alien Godz
10. El Muerte



Charly Steinhauer - lead vocals, lead and rhythm guitar
Tilen Hudrap - bass
Gus Drax - lead guitar
Kostas Milonas - drums



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