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                                                                                                           Past Five
                                                                                                           Label: Eclipse Records
                                                                                                           Release Date: 8th May 2020

From Borås, Sweden we have this hard hitting, thought provoking EP titled “Detox” it's catchy, twisting memorable and meaningful lyrics will stay stuck in your head for days as this five piece take you through the agony of addiction, suicidal thoughts, and destructive relationships.

“Playing with Fire” kicks of the proceedings and immediately shows the Bands pedigree, with its biting verve its punchy dynamic twists and curves into your conscience its radio friendly with more menace than a pissed off Rottweiler!


These guys mean business with Jonathan Wallin (Vocals/Guitar), Jonathan Yderhag (Guitar) and Simon Hellgren (Guitar) deliver some fine moves as “Kryptonite” blasts outta ya speakers, it’s addictive and rocks ya socks off!

Favorite track on here is the excellent “Close to the Exit” with its delivery and deep  biting lyrics meaning so much to me. With the heavy laden grooves from Bassist Alexander Orlov  and Jerri Lassinniemi  on Drums pounding into your soul, it’s a hard evocative listen, even though its subject matter is painful this will still have you bouncing around the room with the songs energetic tones.

Final track “God Forbid” is another track with deep meaning with angst and pain dripping from your speakers, simply love the swirling Guitars and group dynamic on this the final track. I really hope these Swedes release a full blown Album soon!


The Title is “Detox” and you what this EP really does detoxify your soul especially for those who have difficulty expressing their emotions, this is a perfect cure to cleanse your soul and Rock n Roll!


Review: Seb Di Gatto     Score:5/5                                           Interview



Jonathan Wallin - Vocals/Guitar
Jonathan Yderhag - Guitar
Simon Hellgren - Guitar
Alexander Orlov - Bass
Jerri Lassinniemi - Drums


Track listing:

1.Playing with Fire


3.Close to the exit

4.God Forbid

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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