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                                                                                        The End Of Our Flames   Inner Wound Recordings    

Hailing from Brazil, Pastore come out of the gates and batter at your senses with an album that will please Iron Maiden Fans, Helloween, Iced Earth and Judas Priest.  In fact it’s like a mass brawl between all four and you come up with Pastore!


Lead vocalist Mario Pastore has an amazing vocal range and this is a thoroughly enjoyable album.  The first song and title track 'The End Of Our Flames' will get you from the word go, you are delivered into a world of old school metal and you have to catch yourself as it really could be Bruce Dickinson singing. This is a fine start, as these Brazilians deliver pure metal with duelling guitars and a classic sound.  'Night And Day' encompasses everything that’s great about the earlier classic origins of Metal but dragged kicking and screaming into 2012, with an excellent guitar solo from Raphael Gazal you can’t go wrong really.


'Brutal Storm' opens erm like a storm!  Well what can you expect, it stampedes out of the blocks, this is relentless horn inducing heaven.  'Fools' is my personal favourite track on here, I love the guitar work and the vocals, for me it stands out amongst the rest.

'Empty World' is a song where Pastore uses his vocals to full effect and it’s really a blistering tune. 

'Liar' is an excellent song, with thoughtful lyrics about lies, that get you nowhere.  The song bludgeons into your head.  'When The Sun Rises' slows the mood right down, this is a melodic, powerful number as it reaches its end the mood livens.  It is a stunning anthem.


'Envy' opens with Fabio Butivdas drumming into the depths of hell, with killer tune age, as indeed is 'Unreal Messages' epics even and a close second to 'Fools' for sheer enjoyment.  'Bring to Me Peace' again sees Pastore using his intense piercing vocals that could surely shatter a plate glass window.  Final track 'The World is Falling' finishes off a pretty damn brilliant album to please old and new metal heads alike!!! 

Having done a bit of research on Mario Pastore, it seems the guy is a very well-known vocal-tutor and has taught many of his techniques to a lot of famous Metal singers.


So if there is any justice in the world, his band will get the recognition they so rightly deserve, while by no means original, the album is an intense hard as nails.  Bow to all things Metal. 


Review by: Seb Di Gatto                                         Score : 7/10



1.  The End Of Our Flames
2. Night and Day
3. Brutal Storm
4. Fools
5. Empty World
6. Liar
7. When The Sun Rises
8. Envy
9. Unreal Messages
10. Bring To Me Peace
11. The World Is Falling  


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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