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                                                                                                                 Persian Risk
                                                                                  Who Am I       Label:  Independent Release     
After 25 years Persian Risk returned to the music scene in 2012 , the band have been hitting stages and festivals throughout Europe and working on their follow up to their much lauded and loved “Once a King”.


Formed in the 1980s Persian Risk should have been huge, I well remember listening to them and actually meeting one of the band members at Knebworth in 1984 for Deep Purples re-launch and re appearance of Ian Gillan on vocals! Like many NWOBHM bands at the time the future looked bright , but  despite the hard work and enthusiasim these bands put in they never made it big.


Persian Risk had line up changes with vocalist Jon Deverill joining the Tygers of Pang Tang, Carl Sentance stepped in. But the brainchild behind Persian Risk joined Motorhead in 1983 , the band still continued with apperances on the Tommy Vances The Friday Rock Show, The Tube, and supporting Motorhead in 1984,  but by 1986  frustration and several line up changes saw Persian Risk disband.


The following years of Carl Sentance have been well documented so Fast forward to 2014 and with the success of “Once A King” and successful tours they are back with “Who Am I”  The bands current line up includes vocalist Carl Sentance (Don Airey, Krokus, Geezer Butler), bassist Wayne Banks (Joe Lynne Turner, Blaze Bayley, Robin Gibb) Guitar Jason Banks (Messiahs Kiss, Blaze Bayley ).  Also The new album - "Who Am I?" features guest appearances from keyboard wizard Don Airey ( Whitesnake, Deep Purple) Phil Campbell ( Motorhead ) Danny Willson & Tim Brown ( Martin Turners Wishbone Ash).


Opening with ”Don’t Look Back” it rushes out and has some stunning riffs this  is a winner straight away , if you love traditional Metal this will score  highly in your thoughts, a great fast and feverish opening that leads on to the title track “Who Am I” a racy start  sees the song turn in to a melodic masterpiece, its evocative and deep lyrics are out of this world , the lead guitar  chills you like a winters morning, its very NWOBHM and really is the exceptional song on here. “My Creation” has some impressive vocals by Sentance and is an enjoyable song , with a dead catchy chorus. 


“In My Life” slows the mood right down, seeing Sentance opening with near enough a spoken intro with delicate guitarmanship that builds  into an impressive tune that rocks you to the core it’s a heavy weight in the bands reportiore with the albums title track. “The Writing on the wall” drags you kicking and screaming back into the eighties , its very  Maidenesque , and will be adored live I  am sure as will the fast paced and hard rocking “I Feel Free” get those horns in the air and salute this incarnation of Persian Risk! Next is “Dark tower” taken from the bands debut all those years a go, revamped and delivered in the 21st century style, its as good as the orginal if not better , the tone and obvious quality is so much better , a great addition to the bands newest release!


Oh dear “Facing your Demons” sounds like Ozzy Osbourne and as much as I love Ozzy this track is so out of place on here , just didn't really work for me.


The band have gone back in time with their debut single “Calling For You” and brings the memories flooding back of Taping the song on The Friday Rock Show, it will never really replace the original but  its nice to hear its updated version.


Next am kinda speechless as “I Thought it Was You” comes out of my speakers sounding like a Santana piece , even dare I say it that twat in the hat Jamiroquai ! “I Thought It Was You” is just wrong wrong ! Sorry guys the albums excellent , and am not saying the final song is crap at all !

I mean if heavy bass and jazz tones are your bag, you will love it!.

So overall this is well worth your hard earned cash and rocks ya socks off apart from track 10 ! 

Review: Seb Di Gatto     Score: 8.0     

1. Don’t Look Back
2. Who Am I
3. My Creation
4. In My Life
5. The Writing on The Wall
6. I Feel Free
7. Dark Tower
8. Facing Your Demons
9. Calling For You
10. I Thought It Was You               Persian Risk  Links :  Facebook     Website                  

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