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                                                    Preachers Of The Night  Napalm Records    

Teutonic Power Metallers Powerwolf return with 'Preachers Of The Night.

Now Powerwolf are like Marmite ... You either love or hate them! Personally I love them and this album is bombastic, fun and intriguing. 

Following on from highly catchy and memorable 'Blood of The Saints', these crazy werewolf fanatics have come up with a scorcher! 


The album opens with 'Amen and Attack', it's great fun, fist punching crowd pleasing tuneage that is a anthem to be adored and sung along to in a live setting.

 'Secrets of the Sacristy' shows the wolfs teeth and they display some neat riffs. 

One of the heavier power metal bands out there Powerwolf combine religion, werewolves, vampires and so much more ... what's not to be enjoyed... really?  


'Coleus Sanctuis' is hymn like, memorable and gets you singing along in no time!  'Sacred & Wild' is classic Powerwolf, if you loved 'We Drink Your Blood' from 'Blood of Saints' then you will truly adore the three and a half minutes of 'Sacred & Wild' ...  'Kreuzfeur' opens with the obligatory keyboards then is a mix of Germanic mastery interwoven with another anthem, listening to this. 


I kind of visualized being in a field with a bottle of mead an open fire and silver crosses and bullets to ward off the advancing horde of hairy beasties gnashing their teeth to 'Drink Your Blood'!.  

More hymn like openings and mockery of the catholic religion transpires as 'Cardinal Sin' grabs you by the cassock, spins you around and explodes into your mind, heavy drumming and riffs ensue. 

'In The Name of God' takes you through the Holy War of battles and religious bigotry, but like most of the tracks on here, its tongue in cheek, appealing and will see the religious fanatics spinning in their pulpits!  'Nochnoi Dozor' sets the world on fire and 'Lust in Blood' (blood again!) is another track that will please fans of these Power Metal heroes, fun, sing-along chorus and with the album opener has to be my personal

favorites on here.


'Extatum Et Oratum' is a storming tune that leaves its mark, with swirling guitars and drums to disturb Dracula's sleep.  Turn it up loud and air guitar head-bang and give the horns! 'Last of the Living Dead' clocks in at nearly eight minutes, there's bells, wind, rain and howls from the pits of the nether world, a grand finish to a fun album.

Thing is this band have many haters but at the end of the day Powerwolf are not a band to be taken seriously and they deliver on all fronts as an entertaining Power Metal band, even the church organs don't get irritating! It's part of who this band are and it works really well.


The album has reached number one in the German Album Charts (#1 and 6 weeks of staying in the charts) and international album charts.  The wolves will soon grace the stages of Europe. Tickets are selling quickly so make sure you get yourselves along to a night of werewolves, demons and blood!


Review by: Seb Di Gatto 



1. Amen & Attack
2. Secrets Of The Sacristy
3. Coleus Sanctus
4. Sacred & Wild
5. Kreuzfeuer
6. Cardinal Sin
7. In The Name Of God (Deus Vult)

8. Nochnoi Dozor
9. Lust For Blood
10. Extatum Et Oratum
11. Last Of The Living Dead    

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