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                                                                                                                      Primal Fear


                                                                                                               Frontiers srl

                                                                                                       Release Date:22nd January  

After two years the mighty Primal Fear return with “Rulebreaker” these Teutonic Metal legends re-emerge to decimate and enthral the Metal world with this is the bands tenth release.

From the opening you need to strap yourself in and get ready to hit hells highway as the thunderous “Angels of Mercy” invigorates, making you raise your hands to the sky and shout as the battle drums call you to the arena of Heavy Metal Heaven.


“The End is Near” is the first single, a powerful assault to whet the fans appetite, with Ralph Scheepers ever impressive vocals combined with the contagious drumming from Francesco Jovino, the Metal Hordes will be in a delirious Meltdown of raised horns and ever hoarser cries of adulation whilst singing along.

The dead catchy “Bullets & Tears” works its magic with the driving and vigorous guitars combined with a thundering rhythm  interwoven with one of the best Metal vocalists, around today, this Album  continues to weave its spell on you, no more so than on the excellent an thematic title song “Rulebreaker” if you ain’t singing along on the first listen you need to  get help ! seriously this oozes pure Heavy Metal anthem ,the theme  carries on with “In Metal We Trust” this is just going to be hellish live, the band have taken the formula of writing a Heavy Metal Anthem and have returned with a potent potion to enslave and delight!


Wow what can you say about the piece de resistance, clocking in at over eleven minutes “We Walk Without Fear” is a Prog inspired symphonic offering with choirs, and soaring guitars, it is simply unbelievable, with its bombastic spine tingling moments this is a hell of a ride, and so worth eleven minutes of your life every day, every hour, so let this monster wash over you and let the Primal Fear inhabit and steal your soul!


Ok so as you have probably guessed I am a bit of a fan of this album and we are only on track six! “At War with the World” sees these Metal Commandos mercilessly infiltrate and smash the walls of your psyche.  


The band show a new facet of their being with the unique and melodic ballad “The Sky is Burning” it’s a bit different from your usual Primal Fear fare, but hey its great and has one killer chorus! “Raving Mad” sees the pace picked up in leaps and bounds guaranteed to gets those fists pumping the air with heads banging, and voices raised once again to salute these Teutonic terrors!


It’s taken something special to better the bands previous Album “Delivering The Black” which rocked the world a few years back, get ready for the Earths foundations to be shaken stirred and obliterated! Album of the year already? It could be! 

In all honesty I have to say I am gobsmacked and in awe of this release and it just shows HEAVY METAL WILL NEVER DIE!  


Review:Seb Di Gatto Score:10/10

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Track listing:

01. Angels Of Mercy
02. The End Is Near
03. Bullets & Tears
04. Rulebreaker
05. In Metal We Trust
06. We Walk Without Fear
07. At War With The World
08. The Devil In Me
09. Constant Heart
10. The Sky Is Burning
11. Raving Mad



Ralf Scheepers - Vocals

Magnus Karlsson - Guitars

Alex Beyrodt - Guitars

Tom Naumann - Guitars

Francesco Jovino - Drums

Mat Sinner - Bass & Vocals




The Metal Gods Meltdown

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