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                                                                                                            Prime Creation

                                                                                                        Title: Tears of Rage

                                                                                                        Label: Sound Wall Productions

                                                                                                        Release Date: 27 September 2019

“Tears of Rage” is Swedish Melodic Metallers Prime Creations New Album and what a beauty it is! Full of hard-hitting Powerful Metal contained within this nine-track opus, it simply has one salivating for more with its monstrous mix of transcendent themes this is one massive release from a super talented Band which features former Morifade members and $ilverdollar Vocalist Esa Englund.

This is  exceptional and simply has you replaying it time and time again opening with “Fingers Crossed” a balls to the wall Powerful opening and a real onslaught into Prime Creations art as you become instantly hooked to “Tears of Rage” there is no looking back as the pounding Drums and euphonic Metal Meltdown from these Swedes rocks your world! This is one truly inspiring Melodious  rocking platter from start to finish.


There is no let up as the assault on your senses continues to delight as the excellent “Lost in The Shades” delivers some killer Power Metal that sees you constantly hitting the replay button this is a pounding beasty of Nordic magnifigance, that sees Englund showing the full force of his outstanding Vocals, simply sublime and probably my fave track on here but then that changes every time I spin this disc if am honest!

“Before The Rain” sees you drenched in a furious bombardment of unstoppable momentum as this track opens with the keyboards it’s a rampaging delivery of epic proportions, as Robin Arnell delivers some stunning Riffs and Rami Tainamo lets fly on Rhythm Guitar , the Bass from Henrik Weimedal and pulverising Drumming courtesy of Kim Arnell leaves you entranced and in awe.


“Pretend till the End” builds into a powder keg of heady Bass and pulverising Drums, another like all the songs on here you will keep returning to. This is a release you really will not “Walk away” from as this songs intoxicating vibes have you fully addicted, it’s simply massive and a mighty track with more delicious musicianship. “All for my Crown” has a more symphonic  edge that just oozes out of every pore on this piece with Arnell thumping away at the skins, and Englund again showing his Vocal might and abilities, truly spellbindingly superb! “A Beggars Call” is another piece of kick ass headbanging, horns in the air heaven with awesome lyrics and masterful growls this one really surprises and seriously fucking RAWKS!!


Penultimate track is the title “Tears of Rage” which starts slowly with its heavy bass and killer  grooves that open this number, before those keys and powerhouse Drums lead the way for the mighty Englund to grab the song by the horns and unleash those thunderous Vocals once again.

This song is simply a Melodic Metallers wet dream of insanely epic proportions!

“Endless Lanes” wraps up this huge slab of insanely addictive work, this song is a beautiful ballad a moving piece and sends chills through you.


So Possibly one of the Best Melodic Metal Albums you will hear in 2019? I think so,  I really can’t get enough of it, nor will you!


Review: Seb Di Gatto    Score:9/10                  Facebook

Reviewed: 14/09/19


Track list:

1. Fingers Crossed

2. Lost in the Shades

3. Before the Rain

4. Pretend till the End

5. Walk Away

6. All for my Crown

7. A Beggar’s Call

8. Tears of rage

9. Endless Lanes



Esa Englund –Vocals ($ilverdollar, Hellshaker)

Robin Arnell –Lead Guitar (ex-Morifade)

Rami Tainamo –Rhythm Guitar

Henrik Weimedal –Bass Guitar (ex-Morifade)

Kim Arnell –Drums (ex-Morifade


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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