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                                                                                                                  The Calling

                                                                                                                  Label: Dissonance

                                                                                                                  Release:25th May 2018

Over the last few months we have reviewed some class Albums from the United Kingdom’s Metal and Hard Rock scene and Londoners Primitai are next up with “The Calling” a release bursting at the seams with old school Metal combined with a Progressive Power Metal vibe throughout this opus should grab the Metal masses attention worldwide.


From the gentle introduction of “Possess Me” we are then transported into a rockers wet dream of Melodic Metal delivered on a sliver platter as “Demon Inside” wraps its talons around your throat and the excellent “Overdrive” busts ya balls with its catchy fist punching momentum shredding your soul, this is one my favourites on here and not surprisingly it’s been recently released to whet everyone’s appetite it rocks and shakes you as the Powerful shredding and delirious riffs hook you in. The next number steps into Power Metal territory, this track rampages into the room as guitarists Srdian and Sergio deliver some furious galloping playing , while Jonny on Drums creates a hail storm of furious beats the fiery lines emanate from Scott’s Bass as Guys captivating Vocal delivery draws you into the “Curse of Olympus”.


The pure Metal Meltdown continues to pump through your veins as “No Survivors” unleashes itself and has you punching the air and singing along to the chorus, it’s a classy track that changes mid-way through to allow for some splendiferous riffs. The tempo is brought down with “Memories Lost” it is quite an immense touching song, that strikes and makes you think, its impassioned soul-searching lyrics are stirring  as for the Guitars again they are truly made to sing, it’s pretty damn fine!

Title track “The Calling” is up and delivers on all fronts, as you listen and let the music course through your veins as the Drums machine gun and the song fully flows out of your speakers this reviewer thinks this platter must see the Band take the next step up to bigger audiences and stages worldwide, if there is any justice in this crazy world of ours!  “Into the Light” has an atmospheric intro that breaks into a frenzy of face melting Guitars, it’s a roller coaster ride of Metal emotions, as penultimate song “Into the Dark” strikes and has you raising your horns to the skies again.

Final number “Tempest Returns” takes you into a labyrinth of sensational, melodic head bashing delight.


Primati have shared the stage with a wide spectrum of Metal Acts such as NWOBHM bands like Saxon, Power Metallers Edguy, Thrash bands like Warbringer, and Sleaze Metallers Crashdiet. Appealing and rocking to such a diverse mix can only help build the Bands stature no more so with “The Calling”.


Review: Seb Di Gatto         Score:9 /10

Reviewed: 18/05/18


Track listing:

1.Possess Me

2.Demon Inside


4.Curse of Olympus

5.No Survivors

6.Memories Lost

7.The Calling

8.Into the Light

9.Into the Dark

10.Tempest Returns


Band line up:

Guy Vocals

Srdjan Guitar

Sergio   Guitar

 Scott   Bass

 Jonny on drums




The Metal Gods Meltdown

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