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                                                                                                            Product of Hate

                                                                                                            Buried in Violence

                                                                                                            Label:Napalm Records

                                                                                                            Release Date: 5 February 2016

Product of Hate hail from Wisconsin and are about to set the world a blaze with “Buried in Violence” they formed in 2007 and have been working tirelessly honing their aggressive, brutal maelstrom of killer sounds that  tear down anything and everything in their way.

Opening with “Kill. You. Now” it screeches  into the room like a banshee on speed, its Metal core combined with Thrash  is totally unforgiving, but at the same time melodic, and captivating as hell! When vocalist Adam Gilley tells you  “I`ll fuck you up and spit in your eye “you damn well believe him! This is meant from his heart , the hate and anger drips like a corrosive acid on skin, burning and scalding.


Thankfully this dude can sing otherwise he could be doing a long stretch in “Sing  Sing” ,check out our Interview below and you will know what  I am on about!  It’s easy to see why this band has already had support slots with Meshuggah and Lamb of God.

By your first listen to the second track “Annihilation” you will already be hooked , the Metal insanity knows no bounds as Mick McGuire’s drums spring into life, Mark Campbell’s Bass thunders  alongside some outstanding riffs from Guitarists Cody Rathbone and Gene Rathbone, the venom is spat out from Gilley's vocals, , seriously don’t fuck with this dude! Then comes my favourite song on the album “. As Your Kingdom Falls” this is going to be huge live, mosh pits will ignite, heads will be banged, shoes lost and shirts ripped.

Fists will punch and pummel the air as you thrash and sing this chorus, the lyrics are deeply intense and extremely powerful, if like me you have been shit upon in your life and fucked over by low life nobodies you will totally totally dig the lyrics as the Metal groove embeds itself deep into your consciousness.


The skin searing vocals become even  harsher more and intense if that’s possible on the excellently titled “Blood Soaked Concrete” there are some wicked solos from the Rathbone brothers ,and I have gone back to the beginning of this song and the previous one numerous times as it’s that head fuckingly, face smashingly awesome ! “

Monster” batters the hell out of you , It takes no prisoners, the guitar solo on this track is phenomenal as the nightmare comes ,to beguile ,and scare the living hell out of you, another dive into the mosh pit anyone? Count me in! this will destroy and ravage your soul!

Title track “Buried in Violence” is up next, again full of awesome solos, while the vocals smash you around the head with a studded mallet!  In fact, nearly all the tracks have that effect on you except the soothing and absorbing “Vinidcare” where the band show their talents aren’t just screaming, destroying brain cells and making their instruments screech . 


It’s a bit of a rest from the full frontal assault  and gives you the chance to compose yourself before the Metal onslaught continues, breather over.

Let’s Go!!!! As Gilley growls and takes you on a ride to fuck up his “Adversary” on “Nemesis”  he taunts and delivers “You Brought This on Your Self” man I hope who ever this person was / or is has moved States or even countries! “Revolution of Destruction” bristles  with a passion that also reminds me of a certain band, that I mentioned to Adam in the interview we did, which for me isn’t a bad mutha fucking thing!


Another song that’s gonna be killer live! A fist punching the air kinda song for sure. “UnHoly Manipulator” is the penultimate song it’s a battering ram of malevolence and hate ..hell yeah! And another Hell Yeah! As the final song is a cover of Ozzy Osbournes “Perry Mason” which is a surprising cover, but hats off to the band for taking this one on, in fact it’s a song me and my partner hold dear and ya know what , these Wisconsin dudes have done a sterling cover so Metal horns to them!

 Already tipped by Team Rock as a band to watch out for in 2016, they have the intensity and vicious hostility to become a huge household name!


Review : Seb Di Gatto   Score: 9 /10               Facebook   Website


01. Kill. You. Now.
02. Annihilation
03. ...As Your Kingdom Falls
04. Blood Coated Concrete
05. Monster
06. Buried in Violence
07. Vindicare
08. Nemesis
09. Revolution of Destruction
10. Unholy Manipulator
11. Perry Mason



Adam Gilley - Vocals
Cody Rathbone - Guitar
Gene Rathbone - Lead Guitar
Mark Campbell - Bass
Mike McGuire - Drums

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