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                                                                                                         Profane and the Sacred
                                                     Chapter 1: ‘A Long Time Coming’ Label : Independent    Release Date 23rd Feb

"Along Time Coming" is the debut release from London rockers Profane and Sacred , and what a debut it is, " A Long Time Coming" will appeal to fans of Metallic infused Stoner Rock ,  its cutting and chugging guitars take you on a journey of   heavy endless grooves. 

This London quartet travel the well worn track of Doom /Stoner  expressions and emotions with this album  , so the question is do they deliver something different ? The answer is an empathic YES!

I have had this album a while now and have  been playing it daily, trying to get to grips with the right words to do justice to this piece of work, as I am not the biggest Stoner Rock fan to be honest, but have found this album to be something quite exceptional , gripping and have become hooked on listening to  this opus while I have gone about my daily work.

Opening with a classical guitar "Bench" transforms into a heavy, thudding, rolling opener that rocks it's way down the tracks with some Delicious guitar solos mixed in with Luke Allessons gritty and powerful vocals this  track is an  eight minute extravaganza.

"Bleed That Stone" is jammed full of infectious riffs and sees Allesson sing , bawl and deliver some telling lyrics, in fact "Bleed That Stone" would make an  excellent tattoo as this song penetrates your skin and stays with you  forever. 

Kieran Smiths drums are machine gunned into action  as "You Know" opens into a  catchy  number that flows and kicks into some other wordly  vibes as the song comes to its finality. 
"Weather The Storm" is a touch on the progressive side and is an effective number, like the previous track running over seven minutes, its a metal tempest that twists , turns and bombards your mind.


 "From The Top" is the first single from this opus and its easy to see why, its got everything this band is about contained here, its heavy , deep stoner vibes are instantly effective it has you nodding your head and moving straight away, its  hot to trot! seeing the acid rain fall it burns you,  and keeps you coming  back for more!

"All For None"  is doomtastic with Bass Player Rob Taylor and Rick Spooners guitarmanship shining stronger than the sun in a tropical  heatwave   it has  heavy brooding lyrics this is possibly one of the highlights , or is it ?! difficult to say really as they all stand out!  "Just A Little" took a few listens to fully appreciate if am honest, but yeah it gets there. 


Okay "Words"  for me is the highlight on here, this is such an addictive tune , its overpowering and takes you on a magic carpet ride as middle eastern vibes are unleashed in the mid section of the song. 

"New Leaf" is an instrumental that's delicate and reflective qualities flow into the room while the Profane and Sacred powerhouse is still there in its presence this is a track to chill and transfix you.
To sum up this is a record that's  meant to be  played at full volume, its a statement of intent to rock and  kick the music industry  into submission.  I hope to hell "its not a  "Long Time Coming"  for the bands follow up, as these guys deliver some mean riffs and devilish grooves on this debut and I cant wait for more!


Review: Seb Di Gatto     Score:9/10

Tracklisting                                                          Website       Facebook    Twitter    
2.Bleed That Stone
3.You Know The Storm
5.From The Top
6.All For None
7.Just A Little
9. A New Leaf


Profane And The Sacred are:
Luke Alleeson – Vocals / guitars
Rick Spooner – Guitars
Rob Taylor – Bass guitar
Kieran Smith – Drums




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