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                                                                                        Origins      Sky Rocket Records    

Following on from the bands excellent debut 'Welcome to the Institution', these Lancastrian rockers have released a fantastic follow up which sees the band meet the reviewers expectations and then some!  From the start the band rampages into the room like a high speed tornado 'Won’t Break Me Down' picks you up and spirals you into the heart of the storm in Promethium’s world.  


Gary McGahon's vocals are melodic yet aggressive and really powerful on the opener, a maelstrom of passionate riffs emanate from Dan Lovett-Horn's guitar and Rossi's bass guitar, as Adam Hargreaves drumming smashes the skins and splinters drum sticks.  Heavy, deep grooves are the order of the day on the next song 'Gunslinger', as the track reaches its climax, Gary delivers some growls from the depth's of Lucifer’s Absinthe bottle!  It pummels into your senses as the bullets fire and you are smashed against the wall.


By the third track 'The Art of Hurting' I am sat here thinking, this band need to be snapped up and hitting bigger stages very soon, Bloodstock anyone? I think this is one of the strongest tracks on here, it has a hypnotic feel to it and takes you on a journey, with neat riffs and beats. It is a track a band like Alice in Chains would be proud to have had on any of their earlier albums and I could envision the late and great Layne Staley singing this song.


'Counterfeit' is catchy and a song to have the masses head-banging, it sears into your very bones. So as we get halfway through this opus and the piece de resistance 'Rain' changes the tempo with its intelligent and heart felt lyrics, soaking  you in a downpour of emotion.  This is a track you would hope the music industry would sit up and hear and say "YES"!! This band need massive exposure ,this I would recommend to anyone and everyone.


It's heads down and no nonsense head-banging as the opening riffs lead you into 'The Hunted' screams, growls and a neat guitar solo from the gates of hell work perfectly as your heart races and you are relentlessly chased through the night.


Next we get the longest track on here 'Plagued by Evil', it opens gently and builds showing the bands versatility, as on the aforementioned 'Rain', these rockers have something about them that stands out from the rest.

  'Revolver' sees the band back to speed in full throttle, it's catchy,  stomping stuff.


 Penultimate track 'Believer' has a sludgy doom laden opening and cranks out some hellish growls, skin blistering riffs, as chords are executed piercing like needles of ice.

'Origins' is the title track, an acoustic finale of gentleness, superbly crafted and a nice touch to finish an immense album.  If you love your Metal, this is a pure metal winner!   


Review by: Seb Di Gatto

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1.  Won't Break Me2. Gunslinger3. The Art Of Hurting4. Counterfeit5. Rain6. The Hunted7. Plagued By Evil8. Revolver9. Believer10. Origins  

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