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                                                                                                            Title: Revisions

                                                                                                            Label: Load  4 Records

                                                                                                            Release Date: 4th October 2019

Promethium are favourites at The Metal Gods Meltdown  and return with a release featuring songs from their past but all played acoustically.

After playing a festival in 2017 and performing a set of their songs in this style they were asked by fans to do an Acoustic Album of their work in this format, and here we have it ”Revisions” a ten track surprise of many emotions as Vocalist Steve Graham and Daniel Lovett-Horn put a different twist to their art.


We are taken back to their previous platter the highly rated and hellishly addictive “Faces of War” as “Tribute to the Fallen” “Shellshock” and a personal favourite of mine “Enemies Fate” take you back a hundred and a bit years to the bloodiest War in history where our ancestors laid down their lives , I must say it hits a nerve even more (if that’s possible) than the full blown head banging orginal tracks, as you close your eyes and let the lyrics and strings take you back to those blood drenched days of  death and glory.


The heart wrenching “Nothing” is up next taken from “Welcome to the Institution”, bringing back memories of reviewing this all those years ago and was a standout track back then and still is. You are then taken back to their last release again as 20, 21, 15, works its magic. 

Another stellar two tracks from “Welcome to the Institution” is the   stunning “Vision” Given the added bonus of  Hannah Morris accompanying Steve Graham the track is given a soul ful even spiritual make over as Hannah’s delicious Vocals send shivers through your being, it’s the Album highlight, with the up lifting and harmonious tones hitting a nerve. Then the story of the senseless killings in the Mid-West of the USA in the fifties is retold with “Murder Inc” to be honest though, I prefer the orginal full guns blazing version of this number. A track that never made the previously mentioned opus is “Crashing Down pt2 Reflections” a song that really touches me with its lyrics touching a nerve in this Reviewer as does the excellent “Rain”  taken from “Origins” turn off all the lights and light some candles and lets these two flow into your essence.

Things get wrapped up with the first song these guys ever wrote “Sons Revenge” another one that hits home and works well in its delivery.


Now I have had this release a few weeks and as ever I like to fully absorb anything before putting my views about an artists most cherished possession. It has taken me a while to get the right feelings about this, as personally  I am not a huge fan of acoustic re workings of songs, but hell yeah this works and should be in your collection it’s a different angle from one of the most underrated hard working bands in the UK.

“Revisions” is well worth ya time and hard earned cash!


NB: The cover features Hannah Morris whos delightful Voice features on the spell blinding “Visions”.


Review: Seb Di Gatto                   Score:8.5/10        Facebook



Track listing:

1.Tribute to The Fallen


3.Enemies Fate




7.Murder Inc

8.Crashing Down Pt2. Reflections


10.Sons Revenge


Line up

Steve Graham - Vocals

Daniel Lovett-Horn Guitar

Hannah Morris Vocals


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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