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                                                                     Smakk Valley  SPV Records / Steamhammer    

Yet another fantastic band from Sweden to review, and this time it’s the Super Punk Rockers Pyschopunch and “Punch” they certainly do! 

This is no holds barred Punk, partying, Rock n' Roll, to get everyone dancing!!  First breaking onto the scene fourteen years ago in 1998, these established punk rockers have endured, and continue to be as energetic, and enthusiastic as ever.  

So rather than going by nearly every track I have chosen some of my favorites on here from the frantic start of 'Back of My Car', the band hardly lets up, the raspy vocal style from JM is angst ridden and will have you singing along pretty much right away, especially on tracks like 'So Jaded', a song about getting so drunk the night before, being totally wasted, screwing up, waking up and regretting it!!

And they even nick a cheeky line from a Sex Pistols song, but these punks steal it and win it, this is my ultimate winning track on here. 

Then there’s the melodic 'Sitting by the Railroad', it’s an enjoyable tune. 

'I Will Never Ever' has a darker, heavier groove, and as with nearly the entire album it will make your head spin, and your ears bleed.  Drums rumble and roar during the course of 'Emelie'.  

'You’re Totally Mistaken' finishes the album off, and actually I would nick the song title and say people are “Totally Mistaken” to say this album isn’t very good and is just puerile punk. 


The albums been out a while and having seen some shoddy reviews of the album I really think, the album has not been given a fair crack of the whip, it deserves more than two paragraphs in any case!  Throughout the album you can see the bands influences from the Sex Pistols, Generation X, Johnny Thunders, Iggy Pop and The Stooges, Johnny Thunders, the list goes on. 


This band ain't original by any means, but unlike some bands who try to pull off the punk angst attitude and fail miserably, Psychopunch have hit the nail on the head with 'Smakk Valley'.  This is the bands tenth album, and no it’s not going to  change the world, but does that matter really?  I think not. you have fourteen tracks of fun fuelled, attitude driven, energetic, partying punk rock and I am sure this band delivers a pumped up and killer live show, so grab a hold of 'Smakk Valley' and find where they are playing and be ready to bounce and party with Psychopunch!


Review by: Seb Di Gatto 


1.  Back Of My Car
2. So Jaded
3. Last Night 5. Sitting By The Railroad
6. My Empty Head
7. All I Wanna Say
8. I Will Never Ever
9. Dead by Dawn
10. Smakk Valley Train
11. Emelie
12. Down On My Dreams
13. Everybody Wants An Answer
14. You're Totally Mistaken  


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