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                                                                                                  Sweet Baby Octane
                                                                                                  Steamhammer / SPV
                                                                                                   Release: 20 November 2015

Psychopunch return with "Sweet Baby Octane" an album that sticks to the bands well known  formula of Alcohol, Women, Fast Cars,Tattoos and other hedonistic delights!

These Swedish rockers never deviate from their roles in life with their traditional balls to the wall Punk Rock ,and they ain't slowing down with this their eleventh release.


From the opening intro where you are welcomed to the Psycho punch Speedway, you need to buckle up and enjoy the ride. "Ive Been Around" flies outta of the traps as these rockers take you through their crazy ,chaotic lives on the road with angst and good time attitude.

"On A Night Like This" is catchy as hell as the JM "Spins that Bottle"  inviting you all out for a night's drinking with high jinks guaranteed. "Forever And A Day" sees a duet with German Vocalist Clare Von Stitch its a full on, heady, Punk fueled number to have you moving and singing   this is a good time tune thats been wrenched outta of the Seventies Punk era and filled with a 21st century groove!


Talking of groove the band deliver some instantly infectious beats with the insanely addictive "Turn Up The Radio".

Then these Swedes throw in a massive curve ball with the deeply atmospheric and acoustic "Drinking Alone"  this is a highlight for me , as funnily enough I was drinking alone the first time I heard this song  it hit a chord and made me think, its  a gritty tune that sees the band for the  first time ever in their  history perform an Acoustic  song for a release, its   exceptionally deep and something quite unexpected from these Rock n Roll Scalleywags!


"So High" brings the speed and attitude back to the fore as you body slam and bop to the devilishly fast tune that emanates from your speakers. "Masquerade" hits you square in the face with a studded hammer its punkish tones ignite then it slows and  into your head, its all a bit different,  a bit of a head fuck!!

"What Did I Say" is a raucous humdinger  that just continues the good time feel. "Time is on our Side" is a track that makes you want to go out, get a Psychopunch Tattoo and get damn well wasted! "PunkRocker" is a cover version it needs to be blasted out on your car stereo cruising  the streets day and night!


"Show times Over" brings the album to its conclusion with an outro" “Villains and Vixens”, announces the voice  “Thanks for listening in. We hope you enjoyed the ride. See you on the road.”

For me Psychopunch may not be original but they kick many  bands that they often get compared to into touch. These guys are fun, infectious and know how to keep your attention , it's one hell of a party when this band come to town guaranteed!

Review : Seb Di Gatto Score :9/10

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1 Intro
2 I´ve been around
3 On a night like this (Hell Yeah)
4 Forever and a day
5 Turn up the radio
6 When you´re out of town
7 Drinking alone
8 So high
9 Masquerade
10 What did I say
11 Time is on our side
12 Punkrocker
13 The new alive (CD only Bonus)
14 Showtime´s over
15 Outro

Members: JM: Lead vocals and guitar. Jocke: Drums and percussion. Walle: Bass and backing vocals. Magnus Henriksson: Lead guitar

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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