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                                                                                                  The Devil Strikes Again

                                                                                                  Label: Nuclear Blast  Records

                                                                                                  Release Date: June 10th, 2016

Metal veterans Rage return, in June they release  their 22nd Album  called “The Devil Strikes Again” , this comes three years after their last release in 2013  “LMO”. The band has had a line up over haul since 2013 and only Lead Singer/ Bassist Peter “Peavy” Wagner remains since the band's formation in 1984.  

Following on from the  EP which was released at the start of the year they hit us again  with a death defying Vengeance.  A thunder clap of thrashing intensity starts things up with Title track “The Devil Strikes “this is a hell of an opening as new comers Marcos Rodriguez – Guitars, and  Vassilios „Lucky “Maniatopoulos on Drums demonstrate their musicianship with vibrant enthusiasm , they fit  like a velvet glove with Peter “Peavy” Wagner’s Vocals and thudding Bass.

This is a statement of intent that will be  explosive when played live , the Mosh pits will erupt in a maelstrom of banged heads and battered bodies. Next “My Way” from the previously released EP is a song that will stick in your head and as I stated in my past review of this song it is addictive and absorbing.

“Back on Track” is a song that in a way equates to the bands new line up as  Rage are indeed “Back on Track” and ready to smash you full force in the face with an iron clad fist.


Next the opening salvo on “The Final Curtain” reminds me heavily of a Thin Lizzy riff!  which is never a bad thing.

Then the excellent “War” with it's insightful lyrics are so very apt with today’s climate of fear and insecurity in mainland Europe and no more so than in Rages Home country Germany.

The next two songs  are the highlights for me, first up “Ocean Full of Tears” chugs along with a mid paced rythym that whets your appetite for the massively addictive  “Deaf , Dumb , Blind” which will be a sure fire winner live, as the band are bound to have crowd  participation to the max as the chorus is sung over and over.

These Teutonic icons ram the speed back  up with a more faster proposition on “ Spirits of The Night”  it is  another one to bang your head to , saluting the band!

 Final two songs are both just over five minutes long  “Time of Darkness “ like all the songs on the album  are sung with passion and verve ,  The final song “The Dark Side of The Sun”  takes on a middle eastern vibe and has a truly wonderful guitar solo midway through to boot!!


I find it astonishing that there are so many bands who continue to  produce such amazing  music after kicking around the Metal/ Rock scene for as long as twenty years plus in many cases.

And in Rages case its thirty two years ,they do not  disappoint with “The Devil Strikes Again” and as we can attest to this after seeing Rage at the PPM Festival in Mons a few years back ,these guys are an astonishing and energetic life force , and a band to be reckoned with ,long may it continue ,Horns Up to RAGE !!


Review: Seb Di Gatto  Score :9/10


01. The Devil Strikes Again
02. My Way
03. Back On Track
04. The Final Curtain
05. War
06. Ocean Full Of Tears
07. Deaf, Dumb And Blind
08. Spirits Of The Night
09. Times Of Darkness
10. The Dark Side Of The Sun



Peter „Peavy“ Wagner – Vocals, Bass 

Marcos Rodriguez – GuitarsVocals 

Vassilios „Lucky“ Maniatopoulos – Drums, Vocals

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