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                                                                                                        Canvas of Silence
Rainburn hail from Bangalore India,they are a progressive rock band and are due to release their EP on the 7th of November.

The EP is very impressive, melodic,  and inspired indeed  instantly likeable.


  Opening with thunder and lightening "Refuge" washes over your whole being , the Indian musical influences are strong  as you would expect , the production is superb and I found  "Refuge" to be the strongest track on here,  it’s mellow,  and has a dreamy guitar solo.


EP Title track "Canvas of Silence " is a  funky , groovy tune which see Vats Iyengar (vocals/guitar),Toshimoa Jamir (guitar), plying their trade, with some killer riff's as the song approaches its end.


"Veil" opens slowly and has an  ethereal effect, Praveen  Kumars drums take and transport you as Iyengar vocals take on a raspy quality, and is another  favourite , as the track comes to its end the band Rock it up, this is  simply breathtaking.   "Time Turns Around" is the shortest track on here, and would be ideal for radio play it is catchy,  and again see the band showcase their immense talents.


The final track is nearly eight minutes long and Shishir Guptas bass playing is impressive , there is some cool shredding from the lead guitarist. Am not a fan of long tracks but Rainburn worked their magic on me,  and I applaud them for the epic "Fragments". This is the second band I have reviewed from Bangalore India, it cant be easy being a Rock / Metal band over there, and I hope this EP get the worlds attention it so richly deserves.   
To sum up I would say Rainburn have produced an interesting EP and they deserve much attention and success in the world of Progressive Rock.


Review : Seb Di Gatto                             

                                                                   Check out the  bands Site below  it has samples of all 5 songs from the EP .



2.Canvas of Silence
4.Time Turns Around

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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