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                                                                                                   RAM / Portrait
                                                                                                Under Command             
                                                                             Label:Metal Blade  Release Date 8th December

RAM and Portrait have collaborated on an EP that is a welcome and refreshing addition to the world of Metal. The band decided to get together after long night drinking beers,  and discussing the Heavy Metal scene as a whole , and its evolving state from Traditional Metal, And RAM and Portraits influences and growth for both over the years.


So they have both put an original song on and a cover of each others song and a tribute to what got them first into Metal .On Side A RAM feature and  Portrait on the B side   “Savage Machine” opens proceedings its old school delivery and killer riffs from RAMS new guitarist Martin Johnsson crash  into the World its guaranteed you will head bang and delight in the glow of a Pure Traditional Metal opener from these Swedes. RAM next take on Portraits “Welcome To My Funeral” it’s a heavier version of the original , and is laden with doom, dark filled emotion which envelopes you in the dark cloak of Old School Metal.


Then the piece de Resistance for me is RAMS excellent cover of KISS Classic “Creatures of The Night” this bludgeons you, and is a fantastic tribute to one of the bands Heavier songs. KISS are one of the bands that got Morgan, Martin and Harry into Metal back in the late Seventies/ early Eighties, and for me personally I remember having the single and blasting this song out  when I was a teen , these guys more than  do the song  justice !!      

Onto the B-Side its Portraits turn to shake their Metal Heads, and they do not disappoint with “Martial Lead” it’s a thundering beast to please the masses with glass shattering vocals and head banging abandonment,  the band thunder and strike the chord of every True Metal fans heart with lyrics of Madness, bringing unmitigated terror upon ones enemies it’s a helluva delivery and then proceeds onto Portraits turn to cover a RAM song and its “Blessed To The Cursed” that gets chosen it’s a spellbinding version which has an entrancing effect.


The band take on “Aggressor” from Canada's Speed Metal legends Exciter, Portrait deliver the number with  frenzy and mania so loved by Exciters Fans, it’s a tremendous end to six tracks of  blistering no-holds barred Metal

Review: Seb Di Gatto    Score:9/10

Side A
1.Savage Machine
2.Welcome To My Funeral (Originally Performed by Portrait
3.Creatures of The Night (Originally Performed By Kiss   RAM Links : Facebook   Website


Side B                                                                 
1.Martial Lead
2.Blessed To Be Cursed (Originally Performed By RAM)
3.Aggressor (Originally Performed By Exciter)       Portrait Links:  Facebook     Website




The Metal Gods Meltdown

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