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                                                                                                Ravencult   Interview with Stef (guitars)

MG:” Force of Profanation” is a superb slab of Extreme Black Metal, I love the different feel and atmospherics to the Album. But why that title  for the Album?

Stef:The album title reveals our adoration for speed and blasphemy as the 'force' word applies to the 80s thrash aesthetics while the 'profanation' word to our fundamental connection with Black Metal. It's also a description of what you listen on the album and of what you see on the cover. 


MG:  How much of a progression would you say this release is from "Morbid Blood"?Stef:Our interpretation of progress is all about maximizing the aggression and morbidity each time. It's definitely not about being more technical or incorporating non metal elements to the sound. Evolution without keeping the tradition and staying true to the roots is pointless for us. 


MG: I really like “Beneath The Relics of Old” can you give us some insight into that song.

Stef:“Beneath...” was the first single launched as premiere and it was chosen because it more or less reflects a large part of what Ravencult is all about nowadays, a combination of old evil thrash / d-beat in the vein of mighty Hellhammer/Celtic Frost with some horrid Black Metal which is the source of our creations. Lyrically it's a reference to H.P. Lovecraft's “At The Mountains of Madness” and serves as a tribute to the master of the Macabre. 


MG: Do you have a personal favourite track on “Force of Profanation"?

Stef:I like to see the album as a whole and not partly so I can't really choose. But if I had to pick only one, I would say “Beneath The Relics Of Old” as it combines all that I love from the 80s and 90s era. 


MG: If I was new to your band which two tracks would you play me from the new Album

Stef:First should be the opening track “Tormentor Of Flesh” that serves the cause of direct attack with all our trademark paces and riffing, dressed up with lyrics about profane acts of torment against divine flesh. Second, I would choose “Altar Of Impurity” because of its ultra speed and chaotic tension, without any mid-tempo or slow parts, that shows Ravencult's intention for merciless pounding. 


MG: You have signed with legends Metal Blade how happy are you to be signed with them.

Stef:Sure, it's an honor to be part of the Metal Blade roster. We grew up with the label's releases like Slayer, Omen, King Diamond and the likes. It's a new channel for us to spread our blasphemies, nothing will change for us music-wise or in terms of attitude as we're really focused on what we do and don't let external factors interfere with our mission. 


MG: Since your formation you have toured many places with many bands, what would you say has been the biggest highlight so far..

Stef:The highlight for me is always a full tour but if I had to choose specific shows that would be our show in Athens 2004 with Aura Noir, first time we shared the stage with mighty Zemial in Germany 2007 and our headline show in Athens for the Morbid Blood album in a packed club of 500+ maniacs. 


MG: Greece has an amazing pedigree for Extreme and Black Metal Bands why do you think this is?

Stef:First because we have a great tradition with some of the greatest second wave of Black Metal bands ever, like Necromantia, Varathron, Rotting Christ, Thou Art Lord so we have a legacy to continue. Other reasons I can only guess, certainly not the climate, but a group of people with endless inspiration back in the day and will strong enough to initiate the next generations to the sinister sound. 


MG: Plans for the rest of the year and what does 2017 hold in store for you guys?

Stef:Tour Europe and march in new territories we never played in the past. Also some re-releases of our earlier stuff like the 2007 debut album “Temples Of Torment” that is out of stock since years, new merch also. 


MG: What can we expect from A Ravencult live show?

Stef:A feast of sonic tension and violence. 


MG: Personally I find the whole concept of Satanism very interesting and it isn’t at all what people think.. what are your feelings on this and religion in general?

Stef:We are of course disgusted by all forms of organised religion. So, the archetype of the Devil is present everywhere in our stuff as a spear against religious absurdity, but also as a symbol of strong will and disobedience. 


MG:What was the last Album you listened too?

Stef:Awe - “Providentia” album (Pulverized Records), greek Black Metal band with excellent taste and very strong songwriting, highly recommended for those who seek something disharmonic and mystical. 


MG: Tell me why we should buy “Force of Profanation”?

Stef:If you're into straightforward, old timer riff-after-riff black/thrash with non-stop pounding, give it a listen or else buy/steal it from your local record store. 


MG: Four words to describe Ravencult?

Stef:Athens Black Thrash Morbidity. 


MG: Final words for your fans and our listeners

Stef:Thanks for the interview Sebastian & Metal Gods Meltdown. The primitive sound returns.



The Metal Gods Meltdown

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