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                                                                     Descent Into The Underworld       Label Mausoleum Records    

The Metal World is blessed with a new group who are saturated in delirious, delicious, classic metal, brought crashing up to the present, this band don’t hold back and the band’s name is Ravenlord, featuring Csaba Zvekan (Killing Machine, Sardonyx, Emergency) on Vocals, Joe Stump (HolyHell, Reign of Terror) Lead Guitar, George Karafotis (Vermillion Days, Operation X) - Guitar, Jamie Mallender (Tony Martin Band, ex-Black Sabbath) – Bass Guitar, Alessandro Duo (Voodoo Highway) - Keyboards, and Lawrence "Larry" Paterson (Blaze Bayley, Iron Knights) - Drums. 

So before you even let the needle hit the groove you know are presented with a shit hot line up and you just hope they deliver?

Well the answer to that is a resounding YES!  


'The Rebel' opens the album with thundering bass lines, pounding drums and melodic heavy vocals; you get the instant feeling you are going to be in for an album of unpretentious, metal meltdown, delivered with passion and delight.

 Razor sharp riffs are the order of the day and that’s just on the first track.  Spinning riffs, iron clad fists are pounded and the chariots of hell are driven into the abyss of Lucifer’s kingdom as Csaba Zvekan takes you through a wild ride, twisting and turning, as 'Attila the Hun' annihilates and decimates all in his way.


'Let the Show Go On' is classic Metal and has a solo that Malmsteen would be proud of!  'Seal of the Cross' thunders and catches you within a tsunami of classically inspired riffs with vocals that envelope you and really deliver, very much like the previous track its steeped in the past but so what, its brilliant!  

'Promised Land' is the most melodious track on here and would have been huge hit back in the eighties on MTV.  I simply love the spiraling guitar that opens 'Settle the Score' without a doubt Joe Stump is heavily influenced by the great Yngwie Malmsteen, it shines through and is up to his standard without a shadow of doubt.  


A Ravens caw opens the deep and dark 'Blackfriar' this together with the superb and engrossing 'World of Steel' are the best tracks on here, they both  contain everything I so love about this thing we call heavy metal, there are captivating solos, galloping riffs and vocal chords stretched to the max, excellent stuff!   

Ravenlord are a band to keep your eyes out for, if you are a fan of Cage, Helstar and Yngwie Malmsteen, this band will not only appeal, they will entertain you and have you playing air guitar well into the night!


Review by: Seb Di Gatto                     Score :8/10



1.  The Rebel
2. Atilla The Hun
3. Let The Show Go On
4. Seal Of The Cross
5. Promised Land
6. Settle The Score
7. Black Friar
8. World Out of Steel
9. Revelation
10. Metal Knights 

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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