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                                                                       Title:  The Darkest Star    Label: Alienation Records    
Reason are a Progtastic, Melodic, Heavy Metal, rocking band from Wales and they really are pretty damn special.  From the Symphonic opening of 'Another World' right to the final track, you are taken on a journey of pure majestic mastery as Reason mix a Progressive sound with (at times), grinding guitars, that bring a grungy feel, coupled with all out metal throughout the album. 
Paul Maces vocals are tremendous and have a real catchiness.  You can tell that he and in fact the whole band, have put in a hell of an effort on this work. 
Mid-way through 'Another World' the guitar solo from Chris Gynell really stands out and is a great start to a super album. 
'Rise' is a number about demons rising and an instantly likeable, catchy number and with this you can see the Dio influences and it is actually a song I could quite see the sadly departed Ronnie James Dio singing, it’s that damn good!  Sean Feeley's drumming opens up my personal favourite song on this album 'Before The Dawn', as the drums and Gil Hird's keyboards combine to open the song up.  This track runs at nearly eight minutes. 
I am not a big fan of songs going over six minutes, or of Progressive rock, however, Reason have come up with an epic number that draws you into the music and seriously rocks, taking you on a mesmerising journey!  It really is a stunning tune.
'Life To A Flame' is a melodic slower number, but again the musicianship and lyrics make you sit up and take notice.  This band should be
 Next up 'The All Seeing Eye' is one of the heavier tracks on the album, as Graham Corbett on bass and Chris Gynell's metal side comes to the fore, with grinding guitars and is a fist punching the air kind of song.  Second longest track 'The Darkest Star' like 'Another World' grabs you and is seriously a grand, intense tune and again draws you in and the vocals and lyrics will hold you in Reasons grip. 
It has to be said that Paul Maces vocal style does remind me of Steve Hogarth of Marillion, but that’s no bad thing.  'Forever' is a nice uplifting, feel good song, which leads nicely into 'The Crusade', where the band rock out and show how accomplished and thoroughly talented a bunch of
musicians they are on this instrumental.  'Evil Angel' combines clever lyrics, a powerful song and it rocks, with more guitar wizardry. 
'Cool Starry Night' is a very melodic song and finishes off for me a faultless, brilliant, absorbing album.  Reason state on their website influences from Melodic Rock acts such as Journey, Prog rock acts such as Rush and Dream Theater, and proper Traditional Metal acts such as Dio and Iron Maiden and yeah it tells.  The whole album is pretty damn special and in fact a band who should and need to be listened to and supported! 
Awesome stuff from Reason!  
Review by: Seb Di Gatto
1. Another World 2. Rise 3. Before The Dawn 4. Life To A Flame 5. The All Seeing Eye 6. The Darkest Star 7. Forever 8. The Crusade 9. Evil Angel 10. Starry Night    

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