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                                                                                                     Title: Blank

                                                                                                     Label: Self-release

                                                                                                     Release date: 10th June 2023

Hailing from Edinburgh Rénovations is a multi-talented international electro-based rock trio who are ready to take the world by storm with their sophomore album “Blank”. Drawing on and being inspired by the crazy world we live in the guys have come up with something absorbing and addictive. Fronted by the super talented French vocalist/ bassist Charlotte Pulcino, Ioana Pavel on electric guitar and Gian Paolo Sudar on drums this twelve-track platter has more edge than a twelve-pack of razors. 

As each track unfolds you will feel yourself becoming more and more immersed in “Blank”.

“Precious Stone” takes you on a helter-skelter ride of emotions it’s a powerful start to this band's latest album as Charlotte Pulcino weaves and casts a spell on the listener. Her vocals are delicious as her bass also thumps into the room with Ioana Pavel's guitar mastery and the drums of Gian Paolo Sudar delivering a solid foundation for this opener. “Bed is The Bathroom” rocks up and is one that won’t leave your head for days, dealing with those crazy days of the pandemic, this thoughtful tune is addictive and has been on repeat a lot!  The soulful “Yell” has many layers and is riveting stuff as Charlotte's vocals continue to draw you in.

The drums and delivery of "Scars” fit the theme of this one its a song about the importance of guarding your heart and reading between the lines its grooves are a rolling journey of highs and lows. These fantastic tunes just keep on coming as “Time is a problem” stands and delivers.

Then my favourite on here “Rinse and Wring” blasts out of your speakers this is going to be a sure-fire winner live! The chorus and singalong moments will get many a venue bouncing and singing into the night for sure. “Larguée” floats into the room with its feel and sung in Charlottes mother tongue its melodic tones are soothing and uplifting at the same time. “Forest” with its keyboards and heavier tones bring on a dark and moody feel with a killer end to the song this one will surprise and enthrall you. This platter continues to unleash unforgettable tones as  “Grind Mentality” and “Repetitions” work their magic and continue to transfix the room.

Now “Euphoria” has been released and I love the video that accompanies this one, it's dancing party time as the guys take you on a journey of electro delights thrown in with some head-banging grooves. The final song “Sphere” is an electro funky munky tune that brings this work of art to a close, hellishly catchy, and avoid driving with this one less ya want a speeding ticket!

Now I was a big fan of Garbage back in the day and can see how these guys would appeal to their fans as well as Bastette and Blondie followers “Blank” is a hellishly moreish, euphoric, and tantalizing work of art that’s sumptuous and gorgeous from the first song to the last.

Review: Seb Di Gatto   Score: 9/10


1.Precious Stone

2.Bed Is In The Bathroom



5.Time Is A Common Problem

6.Rinse and Wring



9.Grind Mentality




Rénovations are:
Charlotte Pulcino - Bass, Vocals
Ioana Pavel - Electric Guitar
Gian Paolo Sudar - Drums, Synths, Backing Vocals

Official Website:


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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