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                                                      Resurrection Kings

                                                                                           Title:Resurrection Kings

                                                                                           Label:Frontiers srl 

                                                                                           Release Date 22nd January
Resurrection Kings are a super group and the brainchild of former Dio guitarist Craig Goldy who recorded some demos with vocalist Chas West , Chas has worked with Bands Bonham, Foreigner and a load of bands from the LA Hard Rock Scene.

One of these demos got frontiers president Serafino Peruginos attention and through his enthusiasm for the demos namely “Livin out Loud” he asked Craig to build up a project/band, Perugino suggested Craig bring in Sean McNabb for bass duties (Lynch Mob, Dokken, Quiet Riot), and to complete the line-up Craig’s former Dio bandmate Vinnie Appice was recruited to complete the Resurrection Kings formation. 

Frontiers in-house writer and producer Alessandro Del Vecchio (Revolution Saints, Hardline, Rated X)  offered his services to the band and wrote

a few tracks on this opus.


What I will say is this is obviously a Steller release and a very strong Album, it has its roots deeply entrenched in 1980s territory, which is an obvious statement considering the line-up.

The self-titled album comes across as the bastard child of Whitesnakes “1987” mixed in with Dios “Dream Evil”. 

“Distant Prayer” is a powerful opener with some joyous riffs from Goldy and is a no nonsense start to what if am honest is an Album that takes a few listens  to fully appreciate.


The track that got the Frontiers president undivided attention is next “Livin Out Loud” this is an arena song that thunder's and screams 1980s into your head.

Talking of getting into your head the next two tracks on here make this Album for me “Wash Away! Sees Chas West sounding almost like David Coverdale, if you played a classic Whitesnake album and added this song into the mix you would be forgiven in thinking it’s one and the same! The Highlight though has to be “Who Do You Run To” this is a song that will see you dancing and singing in unison with the band, its damn catchy with vibrant guitar man ship from Goldy combined with  absorbing Bass from McNabb, Vinnie Appices drum beats and the golden tones of Chas West it’s a sure fire winner for me.


“Falling for You” runs just short of seven minutes , its Classic Rock that works its magic on you.

Then oh dear” Never Say Goodbye “is a schmaltzy ballad that has some cracking musician ship (of course) but didn’t get me wanting to shake my booty and throw an annoyed leopard in the air!  It’s a track that will appeal to the AOR fraternity no doubt.


The pressure cooker is turned up to the maximum as “Path of Love” is belted out  grooving into the room. The guitars soar and beguile you on “Had Enough” the lyrics are excellent on this song it is really  one for the gym! Along with “Don’t Have to Fight” I just love the chugging guitars on this one, the way it slows down mid-way and then rips into you like a frenzied shark !

Penultimate song “Silent Wonder” is chunky and full of assertive riffs. “What You Take”  is full of dynamic Metal dom ,and completes an awesome Album from  these Metal veterans.  



Review : Seb Di Gatto   Score : 9/10                             


Track List:                                            Facebook     Website 
01. Distant Prayer                                
02. Livin’ Out Loud
03. Wash Away
04. Who Do You Run To
05. Fallin’ For You
06. Never Say Goodbye
07. Path Of Love
08. Had Enough
09. Don’t Have To Fight No More
10. Silent Wonder
11. What You Take


Band Members:
Chas West – lead vocals
Craig Goldy – guitars
Sean McNabb – bass guitar
Vinny Appice – drums

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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