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                                                                                                       Interview for Revenant  17/04/2024


Answered by singer Sugarman Sam

MM: Can you give a brief introduction to your band Revenant

SS: We’re a rock band from the UK! We’ve got southern rock influences with a penchant of big riffs and anthemic choruses - think Chris Stapleton having a party with the Black Crowes and Black Stone Cherry.

MM: "What a Time to be alive" is a kick-ass EP how excited are you to be releasing this soon.


SS: Ah man, we’re so thrilled. We’ve put a lot of work and heart into these songs and for people to finally hear them is mega exciting! It’s been a labour of love and we hope everyone who listens gets as much out of them as we do.



MM: What would you say is your favorite song on the EP today and why.


SS: My personal favourite is Rolling on My Back, because of the lyrical content but it’s a real example of how 4 guys can work together to make a simple idea sound so huge. Every member of the band contributed to make it what it is, which is so important - we’re a band of brothers and it’s really been showcased on that tune, as well as tackling three things that everyone can relate to; time, home and life.

MM: Tell us your plans tour and festival-wise for the year

SS: we’ve got shows coming up all over the country, with more to be announced! That’s super exciting - the shows we’ve already played have been jammed too, so thanks to everyone that’s come along. We’ve got a few festivals cooking but we can’t announce those yet…keep an eye on the socials!

MM: What’s the weirdest venue you’ve ever played?

SS: Not with Revenant, but I once played a little shop in Woking. It was full of hippies and they billed me as SugarShack Sam and the Candy Cane Kids…every act was complaining they could hear themselves TOO well. Honestly, I’ve never felt so out of place! There were no chairs either, just cushions and water-seats.

MM: Who would be the ultimate band to share a stage with

SS: oh man, such a tough question! For me, it would be Chris Stapleton and his band. He and they are so talented and to sing with him would be something else - I’d probably laugh at the level of talent on show!

MM: With so many bands out there how hard is it to get noticed these crazy days

SS: I think it you’ve got a good message and the band is talented enough, you’ll get noticed. But you shouldn’t be doing it to get fame and notoriety, you should be doing it because you love it and want to showcase your music. If you believe in yourself enough and you know your worth then your particular brand of cream will rise to the top. You’ve got to work REALLY hard too. Getting around this industry is 10% talent and 90% hard work whilst constantly learning and refining what you do.

MM: If there was a made up  song about yourself what would it be called

SS: Haha! I can tell you it would be called ‘A collection of calamitous errors and hilarity of life’.

MM:What is the most trouble you’ve ever gotten into?

SS: You probably can’t print it…but it did involve the police and a night in a cell. I did get a stern telling off from my Dad and my friends said to me “You’re a dick, but do you fancy a pint?!” We can all laugh about it now!

MM: What superpower would you choose for yourself for one day

SS: I’d actually just want to be free of illness and have 20/20 vision. I’m a type 1 diabetic so life is hard enough! So, I guess invulnerability?!

MM:Tell me the last song u listened to

SS: It was Separate Ways by Ramblin’ Preachers. They’re friends of mine and they’ve just released a stomping new record.

MM: Four words to describe  "Revenant"

SS: Melodic, Rocking, Anthemic, Hooks.

Five fast questions

1. Vinyl or digital - vinyl

2. small intimate gig or festival - intimate gig.

3. Beer or Fish and chips - fish and chips

4. Saint or Sinner - sinner.

5.Sunak or Kermit the frog - Kermit, come on!

Final words for your fans our viewers and listeners

We just want to say thanks to everyone for their early support for us. We’ve loved creating this band and writing these songs which we can’t wait to share with the world! We’ve got more music and an epic live show for you so head to the socials, get some merch and we will see you out on the road to say hi! Come and hang!     Facebook

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