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                                                                                                                 Title: Foreverence

                                                                                                                 Label: Razar Ice Records 

                                                                                                                 Release Date: EP – December 22, 2017

Just before Christmas 2017 Power Metal Maestros Reverence released an EP called "Foreverence" a tribute to Metal shredder and Band member Pete Rossi who tragically passed away last March.

For those not in the know ( What..You had your head buried in the sand!?!)  Reverence is a multi talented group from New York, formed in 2010 the band have released two Albums to date "When Darkness Calls" in 2012 and "Gods of War" in 2015.


The Bands stellar line up consists of   Scott Oliva (ex-Wind Wraith, InnerStrength, vocals), Bryan Holland (ex-Tokyo Blade, guitars), Paul Kleff (ex-Metal Church live, guitars), Steve ‘Dr. Killdrums’ Wacholz (ex-Savatage/Crimson Glory, drums), Russ Pzutto (Twisted Sister live, bass) and Tony Rossi (touring drummer).


"Foreverence" highlights the quality they have been renowned for since their formation eight years ago.

Opening with an instrumental the EP soon gets off to speed with "Firelord" its full of rampaging Guitars that burns with desire, it’s an excellent number full of  Power Metal wizardry as Bryan Holland and Paul Kleff flay the strings and set alight this killer tune.

"Phoenix Rising” like the previous track powers along and simply doesn’t stop as Steve Wacholz beats the hell outta of his pulsating Drums.


 I tell you, just  from these two tracks, you just know the next Reverence Album is gonna be hellishly amazing! 

Things get even better with my personal favourite on here "New order" it’s a tune that’s going to be massive live, as you sing along and hail REVERENCE... Sorry I meant the "New Order"! its instantly likeable and will see the masses come as one as they salute these veterans of the scene.

 "Last Flight" is a fitting tribute to Guitar legend Pete Rossi, its highly poignant and stirs your essence as you listen to this track as Guitarist Bryan Holland explains "Last Flight" is a solo spotlight idea that he put together for our live shows where he and I were to trade guitar solos back and forth with a climactic solo harmony ending. Sadly, we were never able to bring it to life on stage, but it is presented here exactly the way he gave it to me.”

"Sleep” sees Vocalist Scott Olivia deliver some moving and tear-jerking lyrics on this exceptional ballad, quite simply a glorious piece that will move even the hardest of men to a tear in their eye.


The final two tracks are Live songs the highly contagious title track from their debut release "When Darkness Calls" having never seen these guys live and listening to this and final number "Revolution Rising"  also from the debut, you know it’s something you must do next time they hit Europe!


2018 is going to be an exciting year as Reverence will be releasing a Live Album in April as well as a late summer release for a full-length platter, plans are also in place for a tour of Europe.


"Foreverence" is a fitting tribute to Pete Rossi and whets your appetite for what is to come from these    super talented veterans of the Power Metal scene.


Final words from : Guitarist Bryan Holland: “This EP is a really special release for us, to pay our respects and honor the memory of Pete Rossi who was not only a tremendously gifted musician and bandmate but also our friend.


Review:Seb Di Gatto          Score:5/5


Track Listing:










Band Line up:

Scott Oliva - Vocals

Bryan Holland - Guitars

Steve ‘Dr. Killdrums’ Wacholz 

Drums Russ Pzutto

Bass Paul Kleff – Guitars                 Facebook    


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