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                                                                    When Darkness Calls   Razor Ice Records    

'When Darkness Calls' is the debut release from American power Metal “Super Group” Reverence and is a fantastic slab of Metal to make your ears bleed and have you head-banging like there’s no tomorrow. 

Reverence features members from Savatage, Tokyo Blade, Crimson Glory and Jack Starrs Burning Star. 


This album really does not disappoint in the slightest. From the start of the album you know you have something special in your hands, this band seriously kick ass and with album opener and title track 'When Darkness Calls', you can’t help but be immediately drawn into the band’s music.  An excellent beginning with crashing, thundering drums, guitar licks sent from the heavens, and the vocals from Todd Hall will have you hooked straight away.


This is a great start to a stunningly great album.

'Bleed For Me' bombards you and when Todd Hall tells you the master is about to speak, you had better believe it.  The chorus is as catchy as hell.  The guitar mastery from Peter Rossi and Bryan Holland throughout the album is addictive, absorbing, thrashy and how metal should be! 


From the opener we get Power Metal crossed with a thrash inspired groove delivered in a manner that will make your hair stand on end.  Case in point is track three 'Phantom Road', it’s one of my  favourite tracks on here.  It gets into your head and rattles your brain.  The same can be said for 'Devil in Disguise'. 


Yeah this band are hell on wheels!

If you are in any doubt about Reverence, get yourself on to YouTube and watch the video for 'Too Late', it will blow you away.  This track sounds kind of like Savatage, but with something extra that will have you in Metal ecstasy. Talking of Metal ecstasy 'The Price You Pay' is heavy as hell, powerhouse drumming and riffs from Satan’s locker take you into a labyrinth of sensational, melodic head bashing delight. 


All of the tracks on here are exceptional, 'Monster' has you in its grip and doesn’t let go I love the start of this, as it rumbles and shakes. 


Penultimate track 'After The Leaves Have Fallen' is a formidable tune.  Turn it up loud and let it take over your whole being.  It’s a classic with heroic riffs to leave you spellbound! 

'Vengeance is Mine' is the final track to rock your world.  This is deep and heavy, it rattles along and ticks all the boxes.


Throughout 'When Darkness Calls' the musicianship is totally mesmerizing, from Frank Kruckel on bass, the exceptional guitar riffs from Holland and Rossi, the wild horse drumming from former Savatage drummer Steve Wacholz , the uplifting, crunching, heavens on fire larynx bashing (and when the mood is needed melodic) vocals from the talented Todd Hall, you can’t go wrong.

This is a totally excellent album and needs all the support and recognition from the Metal community worldwide.  


Review by: Seb Di Gatto                      Score: 9/10



1. When Darkness Calls
2. Bleed For Me
3. Phantom Road
4. Devil In Disguise
5. Too Late
6. Gatekeeper
7. The Price You Pay
8. Monster
9. Revolution Rising
10. After The Leaves Have Fallen
11. Vengeance Is Mine


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