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                                                                                            Rhapsody of Fire

                                                                                            Title: The Eighth Mountain

                                                                                            Label: AFM Records

                                                                                            Release Date:22nd February 2019

Italian symphonic power metal Legends Rhapsody of Fire return with "The Eighth Mountain", This release is the band's first Album to feature Vocalist Giacomo Voli and Drummer Manu Lotter, who both joined the group back in 2016.
So get ready to embark for the very first chapter of "The Nephilim's Empire" saga, a magical journey through enchanting sounds, breath-taking riffs, epic choral moments and unforgettable tales.

On this twelve-track platter we have everything here for the Power Metal enthusiast, the choral effects are phenomenal throughout this opus as we encounter all kinds of mystical and real beasties such as Dragons, combatants, Sorcerers, magical moments of spell blinding shenanigans and so much more.


Opening with “Abyss of Pain” the build-up fills you full of expectation as you await the drama to fully unfold and “Seven Heroic Deeds” does not disappoint as the Drums and keyboards draw you into the latest tale, as Giacomo Volis Vocals mark a new episode in the Rhapsody of Fire chapter. I love the heroic tones as “Master of Peace” unleashes and charges into the world, this is a fast, pure Power Metal Meltdown.The orchestral “Rain of Fury” is simply hair raising and a legendary work of art by these Italian maestros. “White Wizard” slows the tempo down as this stirring slice of melodic Metal rocks your world.


“Warrior Heart” is the first Ballad on here its quite stunning and bewitching. “The Courage to Forgive” builds into a volcano of different emotions with the choral effects and hellish effects giving you goose bumps. The riffs fly as “March against the tyrant” opens proceedings then becomes something quite different, I won’t say any more, just it’s a surprise and a remarkable song. Next, we get a Guitarists wet dream as the shredding combined with the pounding Drums and Bass from the deepest pits of Hades sees “Clash of Times” unleashed as again Volis performance amazes and astounds you.


“The Legend Goes on” is another bombastic piece of glorious Powerful Metal that leads enchantingly into the penultimate number “The Wind the Rain and The Moon” a flowing landscape of sombre moods that’s sweeps into your soul. Just under eleven minutes we get the grand finale with “Tales of a Hero’s Fate” a monumental work of extraordinariness that has everything one could ever wish for from this genre of music. The spoken ending by Christopher Lee is especially special.


Simply put “The Eigth Mountain” is  epic and one I cant get enough of, this is an exceptional piece de resistance! 

Personnally I cant wait to catch these guys live again and for the next instalment from Rhapsody of Fire!


Seb Di Gatto            Score: 9.5/10                  Facebook



Tracks Listing  

1.Abyss of Pain
2. Seven Heroic Deeds
3. Master of Peace
4. Rain of Fury
5. White Wizard
6. Warrior Heart
7. The Courage to Forgive
8. March Against the Tyrant
9. Clash of Times
10. The Legend Goes on
11. The Wind, The Rain and The Moon

12.Tale of a Hero’s Fate  


Band Line-up 

Giacomo Voli / vocals
Alex Starpoli / keyboards
Roby De Micheli / guitars
Alessandro Sala / bass
Manu Lotter / drums


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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