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Rublood are an Italian Gothic Metal band who have the atmosphere and insanity of Rammstein, the melodramatic overtones of Sisters of Mercy,  Deathstars and the electronica of Depeche Mode, thrown together you get this mixture of dark, deep, haunting metal to please the demons of the night and have metal dance floors the world over packed. 


Rublood are formed from the ashes of Dark Star and have released their debut album 'Star Vampire', the album opens with the title track and is instantly addictive.  This is Gothic nirvana.  It's industrial, heavy and a strong opener to a stunning debut from this band hailing from Turin.  'Heart' pumps into your system, as its cascades and cracks, it will have a crowd moving to the sound and beats of Rublood in no time.


 The producer of the film 'Studio Illegale' noticed Rublood and included 'Through The Looking Glass' on the films soundtrack and there is  a guest appearance from these Italians rockers of the night, so I will be checking the film out just to hear the band and watch their cameo, it’s a cracking song too!


 'Electro Starfuckers' oozes Rammstein and has a great opening line, it’s catchy and will have you hooked instantly. 'Rainfall' is doomy, and an eerie tune. 'True Blood' has some tremendous keyboard playing it is a malicious and spiteful number. 'Policy of Truth' shows the band going down a poppy route and in fact you could be mistaken for thinking its Depeche Mode, but with a bit more meat and a heavier groove.  Another track that appears on a film soundtrack 'Negative Bride', appears in the short film 'The Longest Night' directed by Fabrizio Tomei. 'Goth Blood' has an ethereal effect , its frail and delicate beginning opens  into a mesmeric number that will haunt your dreams.


'Ignition' ignites and brings you out of 'Goth Blood' with a mighty jolt as does the final track on this opus 'In Love We Trust' heavy, melodic and superb as is the whole listening experience of 'Star Vampire'.  The band have amazing reviews from their live performances which are very lively and eye catching the band have dancers, called The Rubladies who wow and entertain the crowds with choreographed performances. Watch out for Rublood they promise to amaze and enthrall you all!


Review by: Seb Di Gatto



1.  Star Vampire
2. Heart
3. Through The Looking Glass
4. Electro Starfuckers
5. Rainfall
6. True Blood
7. Policy of Truth
8. Negative Bride
9. Goth Love
10. Ignition
11. In Love We Trust  

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