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                                                                                             Ruina Interview  22/09/22

MM: Can you tell us a bit about your band and where you draw your inspirations from

We take a lot of different genres on board but you’re probably gonna pick up on that modern metal sounds from bands like bleed from within, orbit culture, of mice & men etc with a classic metal injection

MM: What's the most memorable show you have played so far

Bristol for the release of our single THE TRUTH which kickstarted the release of the EP. Old faces and new faces selling out the venue and having an absolute blast

MM: Who would be your ultimate 3 bands to go on tour with

Bullet For My Valentine, Bleed From Within and Bury Tomorrow

MM: if you could have written a song by any band  which one do u wish was yours

All I want for Christmas is you by the immortal Mariah Carey… we’d be set for life!

MM: What would you say has been your biggest accomplishment musically

Our new EP out September 30th titled ‘AS THE SKY BEGINS TO BREAK’ is absolutely our best work and we’re certain if you like straight up crushing metal, you’ll agree

MM: Tell me what is your most precious album that you own

My original 70’s vinyl copy of Rumours by Fleetwood Mac. You can really SMELL the 70’s on it…

MM: Who in your eyes is the ultimate Metal God

Ozzy. No question.

MM: You can only keep three of these things which would u choose:

Beer, Pizza, ,chocolate, Jager bombs, swearing, coffee, netflix, meatballs or ketamine

Get me a fucking beer and a slice of that ‘zza

MM: What was the last song you listened to Spaceman by Electric Callboy. Ridiculously catchy stuff.

MM: Tell me why we should check out RUINA

If you like a band that does what they want, doesn’t go by the trends of the heavy music scene and delivers the best they can do, we’re the band for you.

MM: Four words to describe RUINA

Crushing, Melodic, Brutal, Fun.

Final Words for your fans and our readers

Go check us out everywhere on our socials and streaming services, we’re literally everywhere! Go grab our new merch and remember to stream our new EP titled ‘AS THE SKY BEGINS TO BREAK’ our September 30th.


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