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                                                                                           They Rise   Label: Pure Steel Records
                                                                                                        Release Date: 30th January
Many bands from the eighties who never quite made it seem to be reforming and having a second stab at success, one such band is the magnificent Ruthless , hailing from the US of A these Metallers have released a traditional, no nonsense opus to be enjoyed and adored, I really cant fault a single song on here , this is proper Metal, no screamo,  or cookie monster vocals here on "They Rise" Opening with "Defender"its headlong, heads down Metal deliverance is spell blinding and one hell of a catchy chorus.


"Laceration" opens slowly , then with a banshees wail the band attack and  deliver a classic Metal tune with some mean and divine guitar man ship and short sharp shock drumming.

Title track "They Rise" is  a doom laden song that walks with the dead and sees the earth shake  as the deceased rise and take over the world, this is the kind of song that would be excellent as a horror soundtrack its a monstrosity of sublime proportions. "Circle of Trust" works hard,  batters and bruises with the title being repeated and shouted out to the high heavens.

Next the best song on here the fast and furious "Hangman"  its a song to dive headlong into a mosh pit and thrash and  slam  to, its fast , energetic and shows no mercy as  Ruthless show their pedigree and deliver a sterling number to be hailed and moshed to.


After "Hang Man" you are given a reprieve as "Time Waits" slows everything down its a robust song  that is to be saluted and enjoyed.
Its time to stretch those neck muscles again with "Out of the Ashes"  the lyrics concentrate on  the history of Ruthless   and how they are still going strong, thirty years later. Its a powerful song and a statement!


"Frustration" cracks and rolls into the room  in a thunderous cacophony  as the  drums crash and get battered , with a snappy chorus to wake Vallhala's  minions,  this hammers and thrashes with an exceptional guitar solo to boot. Final song  "Systematic Terror" is going to be great live, its addictive chorus will be sung and shouted as these Metal kings rock and en thrall you.  

"They Rise" is a first rate  album of pure unadulterated Metal to be enjoyed, savoured and moshed to!


NB: The album has an added bonus the EP "Metal Without Mercy " is included in the release from Pure Steel Records.


Review: Seb Di Gatto
                                                      Score: 9.0
Tracklist:                                 Website    Facebook                                                                                                                           
01. Defender
02. Laceration
03. They Rise
04. Circle Of Trust
05. Hang Man
06. Time Waits
07. Out Of The Ashes
08. Frustration
09. Systematic Terror

Bonus: Metal Without Mercy EP
10. Gates Of Hell
11. Metal Without Mercy
12. Bury The Axe
13. The Fever
14. Mass Killer


Sammy DeJohn (vocals)
Kenny McGee (guitars)
Dave Watson (guitars)
Marc McGee (bass)
Jason VanSlyke (drums)


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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