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                                                                                 Sacrificial Slabs Interview done by Edward Vocals  04/06/20

MM:What are your influences?
SSWe're a 5-piece death metal group with grindcore influences ranging from Napalm Death to early Carcass

MM: Inspiration of ideas for the band?
SS:The every day commute through London, what we witness on the streets, crime, disease and degeneracy.


MM:Favourite song to play?
SS:My favourite is Headcage. It deals with my mental health problems and to a lesser extent, my difficulties in human interaction.


MM: Tours for 2020?
SS:Despite the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, we are still hoping to play in Romania this August, and can't wait for the venues to open again in the UK.

MM:Expectations from the band live?

SS:An energetic frenzy between myself and Yoshi, our other vocalist. This band doesn't plan on slowing down any time soon.


MM: Best/worst part of touring?

SS:The best part for me is making new friends and the chance to try new alcoholic beverages. The worst part without a doubt is ':ack of showers'. Also complete lack of sleep.


MM:Three bands as ultimate touring buddies?

SS:I'm being a bit biased here but for me I would love to open for Darkest Hour from the U.S, particularly so I could get to get in the pit after my set to watch them. I guess the other two would be Rotten Sound & Full of Hell. Something so intense that the audience are completely alert and pumped up by the time we go on stage.


MM:Most memorable concert?

SS:That is a tough one, but the one that springs to mind is Converge at the Camden Underworld, mostly because a chap decided to cartwheel on my head from the stage, three times. The tour manager was kind enough to escort me through the security entrance to get looked at by the staff. Word of warning kids, don't go in the front row for a Converge show, its dangerous.


MM: Biggest accomplishment with the band?

SS:I'm new to this band but being able to play in a Camden venue in front of my close mates was a really big deal for me, I can't wait to do it again.

MM: 2 favorite albums of all time?

SS:Tough one, but I'm going to have to go with 'October Rust' (Type-O Negative) and 'Prowler in the yard' (Pig Destroyer), 2 completely different sides of the metal coin that shaped how I am today.

MM:First time playing/how it felt?

SS:Doesn't exactly apply to me given I've been in church choirs since I was 8. If we're talking in a band capacity, I played drums for a rock band workshop when I was 17 in front of parents/students. Ultimately I was trying to be as shocking as possible, and it felt good to express that side of me to complete strangers.

MM: Did you have band posters?

SS:I had Marilyn Manson when I was a teenager and when I moved out, the posters became more unsavoury (Marduk, Shining, Cannibal Corpse)


MM: Who influenced metal the most?

SS:Again that's a tough one, it sounds clichéd but I'll have to go with Black Sabbath. I wouldn't have any of the bands I love without them.


MM: Most important thing for the band now?

SS:I can't speak for the rest of the guys but for me its leaving our mark, if we can make one kids day with one show, we'll have made a difference.


MM: Who would you cover?

SS:I'd love to cover Darkest Hour 'the sadist nation', I know their material like the back of my hand and their sound isn't entirely dissimilar from our own.

MM: Why should we listen to you?

SS:We're fresh, original and hungry to play


MM: 4 words?

SS:Get ready to bleed


MM:Final words to fans?

SS:Stay safe, see you on the road, see us at the bar



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