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                                                                                            Title: Born Demon

                                                                                            Label: Drakker Entertainment 

                                                                                            Release Date:21st October 2022

It was way back in 2016 when “Memento Mori” by SAHG was released so it’s been a long time coming and has it been worth the wait?

YES, a hundred percent as Norway’s finest doomsters return with “Born Demon”. Having already released a few singles you know you are in for a treat and the newly revamped now three-piece deliver on all fronts.

Opening with “Fall into The Fire” the guys deal a hand of punchy riffs to please traditional metal heads old and new, with a hellish doom-tastic start. Without a doubt “House of Worship” is a monster tune on here, it’s a killer anthem with a totally awesome video to boot! A firm favorite of mine on this platter, it's catchy full-on head-downs bootylicious. The guys have come up trumps as the title track “Born Demon” kicks in I simply love the feel of this one its deep and foreboding riffs reverberate around the room as this behemoth of sound booms out of your speakers.

The meandering “Descendants of the Devil” and “Black Cross of the moon” are deep and pounding and like most of this album drag me back to my youth in the eighties with its theme and delivery not being out of place on any of the Metal albums of that time, gilded with a 2022 edge.

“Evil Immortal” total doom-infused metal shows no mercy as it rocks the room as you go into the next track ”Salvation Damnation”, this song's chorus won't leave your head for days. Seriously I went into the other room to grab a beer and I thought it was Ozzy on the next track “Killer Spirit” this delivers the goods on every level.

So we come to “Heksedans” sung in their native tongue I just can't get away with this one it reminds me of a Eurovision song, it is just so

.. “Let us swing and rock n roll” territory!

The final song “Destroyer of The Earth” is another doom-laden head-bashing masterpiece to bring this opus to a close.

These Metal titans wear their hearts on their sleeves if you love your old-school traditional metal with a modern edge, go and grab a hold of this latest offering from these masters of Trad Metal..IT RAWKS!


Reviewed:29.09.22                                Score:8.5/10

Reviewer: Seb Di Gatto


Track List: 

1. Fall Into The Fire
2. House Of Worship
3. Born Demon
4. Descendants Of The Devil
5. Black Cross On The Moon
6. Evil Immortal
7. Salvation Damnation
8. Killer Spirit (From Outta Hell)
9. Heksedans
10. Destroyer Of The Earth

Band Line up

Olav Iversen (Vocals, Guitars), Tony Vetaas (Bass), Mads Lilletvedt (Drums)



The Metal Gods Meltdown

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