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                                                                                           Salvation Jayne

                                                                                         Title: Salvation Jayne

                                                                                         Label: Independent

                                                                                         Release Date: 16th November 2018

Salvation Jayne are one of the hottest properties in the alternative UK music scene right now and with this self-titled EP  it’s so easy to see why. Opening with the excellent “Cortez” a track that’s already been released to whet the worlds appetite its full of heavy riffs and full forced addictive grunge inspired bites to have u hitting the repeat button continuously.

“Juno” sees Chess Smiths deep dark and angsty Vocals continue to lead the way with her gritty style combined with the wonderful Guitar playing from Holly Kinnear and thumping rhythms of Dan Lucas on Bass Guitar and Tor Charlesworth on Drums you find yourself fully over rawed by the four pieces talents. 

The best is yet to come as “Black Heart” blasts outta ya speakers, this song is so awesome its another one I have played time and again, its such a captivating song that enslaves your being as you hit the repeat button and fall in love with all things Salvation Jayne! The catchy groove and chorus has you singing along no time, if you are a fan of Clutch and Hole, I tell you ya gonna fall in love with groovetastic tuneage. 

“Tongue tied” sees the Band continue to amaze and tear it up, this is going to be another sure-fire winner live. 

The penultimate track  slows things down its a sugar coated tune where we discover "The Art of Falling"  these guys show thier expertise and capacity to deliver a killer tune that sends shivers up and down  your spine.

This release ends up with a different version of “Juno” its a bit more doleful than the previous version, but worthwhile, my only moan is I want more tracks, a Album Soon ?? .... PLEASE!


Its really no wonder Salvation Jayne are being lauded by Classic Rock , Planet Rock and all the big names in the Industry as the next big thing having already played some prestigious festivals  and building up a hardcore fan base these super talented musicans from Kent mix up a  Rock, Nu Wave, Bluesy, Grunge induced mayhem that astounds and has you drooling for more, check out the EP and catch em live you will not be disappointed!


Review: Seb Di Gatto Score:5/5                        Facebook

Reviewed: 31/10/18                                                                             


Track Listing:



3.Black Heart

4.Tongue Tied

5.The Art of Falling

6.Juno (Stripped)


Band Line up: 

Tor Charlesworth (Drums)

Dan Lucas (Bass)

Chess Smith (Vocals)

Holly Kinnear (Guitar)

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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