Title: Through The Iron Forest Label: Self-Release  
Another excellent band from Denmark to whet your Metal Appetite, this time its a band called Savage Machine who play traditional Metal and deliver six tracks of rip roaring Metal to delight your senses! Opening with a minute long instrumental "Dawn" it builds and stirs you in readiness for the onslaught of a galloping bass, thundering drums , soaring vocals  and vibrant guitars.

Its a crunching and lively opening as  "Iron Forest" begins,the guitars build and  then  vocalist Troels Rasmussens fires up his larynx , his vocal style is a tiny bit reminiscent of  Justin Hawkins from The Darkness , but only slightly, because basically Rasmussen has more style, talent and a better delivery than Hawkins ever has / had! And as you dig deeper into this release their are other comparisons to  be made with better and more established "proper" Metal singers like Bruce Dickinson. "Computerworld" is a  fast, powerful number which ignites and fires on all cylinders , it gallops away   and sees the band deliver a cracking Metal number.


"The Easy Way Out" is for me the highlight, its deep  lyrics are impressive the musicianship comes into its own, this is a slower song but sees these Danes cook up a  Metal Anthem , its  gripping, with a superb guitar solo and sees the vocalist really deliver and come into his own on this track.

 "Prisoners of War" sees the band unleash their power   invigorating you, its a song to singalong  and thrash to, it oozes old school metal , raise your fist and yell,  salute these Danes.


"The Final March"  has a catchy swagger to please old and new Metal heads alike. So to sum up  with its eighties inspired delivery  "Through The Iron Forest"  doesn't  disappoint .


 Review : Seb Di Gatto  Score : 7.9                          Facebook       Website


Savage Machine are:

Troels Rasmussen – Vocals 

Jacob Bruun – Lead Guitars

Simon Poulsen – Rhythm Guitars

Benjamin Andreassen – Bass

Martin Helbo – Drums




1. Dawn (intro) 2. Iron Forest 3. Fifth Computerworld 4. The Easy Way Out 5. Prisoners of War 6. The Final March



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