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                                                                                                      Scarlet Aura

                                                                                                      Title:Hot ‘n’ Heavy

                                                                                                      Silver City Records

                                                                                                      Release Date: 22/03/2019

Hot ‘n’ Heavy is Romanian Metal icons Scarlet Auras new Album, it’s a release full to the brim with traditional Metal delivered by the highly captivating and gorgeous Aura Danciulescu on Vocals you will become totally hooked to the aptly titled “Hot ‘n’ Heavy” as believe me this platter lives up to its name with the intro building your anticipation we are then taken into the fist in the air head banging ecstasy of “Hail to You” an anthem for Heavy Metal in the twenty first century, one to sing yourself hoarse to and show those Metal horns!  As this blistering attack takes no prisoners, Mihai Danciulescu flays his guitar, as the rhythm section of  Rene Nistor  on Bass guitar and Sorin Ristea (Drums) lay waste to the world, simply put this is classic Metal of orgasmic delights then the addictive “In the Name of my pain” follows and continues to have you singing along at the top of your lungs and head banging your self into a frenzy of Metal delights as Aura Danciulescu husky , seductive tones enthral and bewitch you like the previous track this is going to be a live favourite in no time at all.


The power and majesty of this release is never more prominent than on the title track “Hot ‘n’ Heavy” a spell blindingly riff tastic tune of massive proportions! “Fallin to Pieces” is a powerful song of despair and hard for this reviewer to really put into words  having lost my soul mate not so long ago this song really hits home, so I will leave it to Aura to explain : “It's a heart-breaking song, with a heart-breaking video that comes as a reminder to always cherish what we have, every second, to be thankful for the love we receive, cause you never know what future can bring!”


“Glimpse in the mirror” thunders and rocks you to the core with hellish intent.

“You bite me I Bite you Back” is a song drenched in piercing tones and won’t leave your head for days, simply excellent!

“Hate Is Evanescent, Violence is Forever” has such deep meaning especially in these troubled times we all find ourselves in, truly outstanding and meaningful. “Silver City” harks back again to the golden era of MTV and Metal on auto play in the eighties, we get Demons and Angels as this song thunders and grooves into your conscience.

Jumping to “let’s go fucking wild” a song reminding me of Motley Crue, you will see why when the intro kicks in, this is classic sleaze induced rock n roll and fucking roll insanity!


To sum up the best way the listen to this Album is to crank your speakers to eleven and feel the power and the glory of Secret Aura, hell yeah Raise your fists and yell!


Review: Seb Di Gatto            Score:9.5/10




1. The Future Becomes Are Past

2. Hail to You

3.In the Name of My Pain

4.Hot ‘n’ Heavy

5.Fallin To Pieces

6.Glimpse in The Mirror

7.You Bite Me I’ll Bite You Back

8.Hate Is Evanescent, Violence is Forever

9.Silver City

10.Light Be My Guide

11. Let’s Go Fucking Wild

12.To New Horizons


Line Up:

Aura Danciulescu – Lead Vocals

Mihai Danciulescu – Lead Guitar /Vocals

Rene Nistor – Bass Guitar, Vocals

Sorin Ristea – Drums



The Metal Gods Meltdown

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