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                                                                                                    Scars of Logic

                                                                                         Title: Warehouse of Erratic Souls                                                     

                                                                                         Label: Independent

                                                                                         Release Date:15th November 2022

Hailing from the Algarve Portugal Scars of Logic intends to take the world by storm with their debut album “Warehouse of Erratic Souls”. The band is fronted by Bruno Keni, Francisco Caramelo Lead/ Rhythm guitars, bass, and Pedro Neves lead rhythm guitars, bass formed in 2019 this six-track release showcases different moods and flows into a kaleidoscope of varying emotions throughout as these guys mix a cluster of genres from hard pounding rock to out and out metal.

My favorite track on here is the opener “Question Day” with its grungy feel and heavy pounding momentum it’s a punishing introduction that throws in a surprise part way through and is a stellar start to this release. The title track is up next its deep and doomy feel and sees vocalist Bruno Keni fully working his vocal cords as the guys pound and destroy your brain cells with some superlative tones.

“When the Dream Dies” with its dark moments intermingle with light in this musical tapestry of musical delight.

“Conveyer of Brutality” rages out of your speakers and seriously gets into your head as the splitting chords abound and destroy. 


The penultimate track “Cryptic Command” is tense and a prickly piece that leads to the massive final number on here running at nearly twenty minutes “Dromomania” is an expedition into the soul as they show their pure musical intentions and take you through a ride of differing grooves.

Scars of Logic has come up with something quite unique and exhilarating here and definitely worth your time checking out!


Review: Seb Di Gatto     Score: 8.5/10




1. Question Day

2. Warehouse of Erratic Souls

3. When The Dreams Die

4. Conveyer of Brutality

5. Cryptic Command


I. Fugue

II. Contemplation

III. Eternal Absentee

IV.Last Destiny


Francisco Caramelo: Lead/Rhythm Guitars, bass

Pedro Neves: Lead/Rhythm Guitars, bass

Bruno Keni: Vocals

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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