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                                                                                                     Sebastian Bach                         

                                                                                             Give Em Hell  Frontiers Records

I have had this album quite a long time, way before its general release, but with a busy hectic life I have only just gotten around to reviewing it, but in the time I have had it I have played this work of art almost daily, if not constantly.  Now personally for me being a fan of Heavy Metal since the early Eighties, I hardly ever used to read album reviews back then and when I do now you see people who have no idea of who or what Sebastian Bach is and what he stands for in the  Heavy Metal Dream! So sometimes it’s fun to see what other people have thought of 'Give Em Hell' before I can say what I think. 



I have seen some outstanding reviews, and then you get so called “reviewers” who have ranted about Bach’s interviews, his persona and the fact that he says what he thinks, so turning people away from Bach’s work even if the music is good!  I have always thought the reviewing of albums by established stars unfair and I feel albums should be reviewed maybe a week before the release by people who know what the hell they talking about, some of  these reviewers weren’t even born when Sebastian Bach was playing to well over 90,000 fans!  Skid Row should have become the biggest band on the planet, but for stupid infighting which has and did lead to Skid Rows demise.  (Yes Skid Row exists still in name, but Skid Row IS Sebastian Bach on vocals.  Period!). 



So at last I have the time, and I am going to try and put my spin on all things 'Give Em Hell'.  Firstly the album features guest appearances from Duff McKagen ( Gun N Roses,Velvet Revolver), Steve Stevens (Billy Idol) and John 5 (Rob Zombie) completing the sound with Bach’s party of idols who include long time sticksman Bobby Jarozombek, Johnny Chromatic  and most recent edition to the touring band Devin Bronson.  So with a line up like that you cant fail to be impressed and believe me from the opening of 'Hell Inside My Head', you know you have something special Jarozombeks drums crash, and Bach's unfaltering voice with melodic undertones catch you and have you singing along in no time.  This is a song that I am sure will go down really well live. 



'Harmony' sees McKagen taking a bow this song rattles your bones, it has some gritty riffs and is melodic yet heavy, ripping into the room.  Next my favourite track on here, it's deep, dark and heavy, very thought provoking song, check out the start of the video and you will understand, it’s got everything I love about Sebastian Bach. 

Oh for the days of MTV, this would have been played constantly as it has been by me!  It's classic Bach.  'Temptation' is next, the first single and to be honest, it’s taken me a while to fully appreciate this one, but it kind of gets under your skin and is a keeper.   'Push Away' opens in a deep, dark place then finds its self opening into a staunch metallic number with the guitarmanship of Steve Stevens coming to the fore and giving you some electrifying Goosebumps. 


'Dominator' grips you and tortures your soul, it’s an addictive song.  You get to draw your breath as 'Had Enough' shows Bach’s softer side and is a ballad that’s harmonious a simply an exquisite number containing a cracking guitar solo half way through.  'Gun to a Knife Fight' ups the tempo and is fast to the draw.  Then we get an April Wine cover  'Rock n Roll is a Vicious Game', it’s blues enthused with harmonica, and showcases Bach considerable talents.  It's laid back and ameaningful tune, which I wonder, if this song has a “Real” special meaning to Sebastian Bach in the year 2014? 



'Taking Back Tomorrow' and 'Disengaged' press the pedal down hard and streams and screams into your head.  Final song 'Forget You' is so good like all of the songs on here, you just want to skip back to it and play it again and again, Bach’s screams and melodies just transport you back in time...


Believe me 'Give Em Hell' is good.  No good is the wrong word ... it’s stunning, superb and kicks and screams (pun intended) into your life and is full of hard hitting metal, with the banshee screams so beloved by the Canadians fans and also some, softer moments that deliver and rock your world. 


This album will not let you down!  Everything works on this opus and I personally feel this is Bach's best album ever and that includes his time in Skid Row, check out the amazing artwork turn the dial to eleven and blast this mother out 24-7!! 


Review by: Seb Di Gatto

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1. Hell Inside My Head 2. Harmony3. All My Friends Are Dead4. Temptation5. Push Away6. Dominator7. Had Enough8. Gun To A Knife Fight9. Rock N' Roll Is A Vicious Game10. Taking Back Tomorrow11. Disengaged12. Forget You 

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