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                                                                                                          Secret of Boris
                                                                                                            Your Ghost

                                                                                Label: Cabo Records        Release Date 10th March
From Dallas there's a new sensation ,and the bands name is Secret of Boris , these guys Rock and Roll  like a pissed off bull in a china shop , they smash and destroy with a vengeance.

The album opens with the mega radio friendly "Virus" its a number that  rocks your proverbial socks off. "Desert Blood" sees some venomous tones from lead singer Cameron Taylor ,it is  instantly catching , then the grooving "What You Became " is a funked out monkey on Ritalin tune , jump on the stage and party out with these bad boys from Dallas ,no longer the home of JR  but the bizarrely named hard rocking Secret of Boris !


Like the previous track ,"Lost in a Daze" rocks and annihilates, it will leave you in a stunned sense of open mouthed wonder. These Texans kick ass , and will rock your world.


"Retro" really reminds me of the best band to of come outta the grunge scene,  am talking Alice in Chains, Cameron Taylor has the verve and manner of the late and great Layne Staley, this is a song that would have not been out of place on their earlier releases, the same can be said for the deep and emotive " Fall Down" its a song with lyrics that will hit home for any one who's been in a bad situation and felt the worlds against you.


"Something Else" again has some lyrics that are profound and heartfelt , superb.

"The Difference" has a live setting vibe to it, its to sing along to. The highlight for me has to be "The Watcher" its with out doubt the strongest track on here its deep , dark ,and intense .


"What Have You Done" delivers some meaty riffs from Ryan..oh hang on there's 3 Ryan's in the band!! Guitarist Ryan Byrd.

Title track "Your Ghost" finishes off an excellent debut ,its an engrossing delivery that spills its grunge inspired guts everywhere, its different yet similar but unique!

If you are lucky enough to live in the US of A well catch these guys live lets hope they get the chance to travel to Europe and deliver some Secrets of Boris!

Review by: Seb Di Gatto   Score:9/10     Facebook    Website

2.Desert Blood
3.What you Became
4.Lost in A Daze
6.Fall Down
7.Something Else
8.The Difference
9.The Watcher
10.What Have You Done
11.From Now on
12.Your Ghost


Cameron Taylor- Vocals
Ryan Byrd- Guitar
Ryan Ragus- Bass
Ryan Arthur- Drums

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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