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'                                                                                                              SECRET SPHERE
                                                                                                        A Time Never Came [Re-recorded]
                                                                                                              Label:Scarlet Records
                                                                                                         Release Date:  28th  April 2015


"A Time Never Came" was first released in 2001 and this is the very highly anticipated , long awaited re-release and is a Power Metal fans delight, it's the 15Th Anniversary of the band actually going into the studio to record the album , originally  set for re-release exclusively in Japan the band took the step to have it distributed in other countries ,and its a momentous decision.

If you are unfamiliar with a " A Time Never Came" the concept is divided into four segments  concerning a girl called Aurienne who discovers a magical sphere ,each number depicts the  girls journeys with the sphere. Its an absorbing and intelligent story that takes you on the twists and turns of a magical adventure, its not about wizards and Goblins lets be clear. It concerns  her journey though different time frames, reliving various characters stories from legend for instance Aurienne lives her life as William Wallace at one stage. 

"A Gate of Wisdom" builds and sets the tone in symphonic resplendence that leads into "Legend" the quality and sound is  outstanding its full of speeding guitars and keyboards that truly take you into this fantasy world of neo classical Metal , its an ecstatic journey that leads you through a mystifying adventure of derring do and exploration. Personal favourite is the Heavy Metal voyage and  adventure  of "Under The Flag of  Mary Read" its chugging guitars and crystal clear vocals are a winner ,its fast dipping and curving as the song slows down midway  then fastens up into a Metal Meltdown of pure  genius .

"The Brave" transports  you to the Highlands of Scotland   searing the flesh with the  slash of a Claymore in the battlefields of Scotland's fight for freedom.

"Emotions" is an acoustic interlude that flows and ebbs into your conscience its very chilled out where a narrator tells a short tale then "Oblivion" continues the quest , its full of choirs and thrilling orchestrations, the passion and delivery cuts through  shattering the glass ceiling  with its melodious and powerful arrangement. "Lady of Silence"   is a pacey ballad, with choral overtones that always remind me of an ethereal place.

"Mystery of Love " is a slow and engaging number with some spell binding solos and neo classical moments to shiver your timbers! Another narration  on  "Paganini's Nightmare"
Then the bombastic "Hamelin" fires up and delivers some progressive moments mixed in with cantering guitars that  lead you into a merry dance as the pied piper of Hamelin guides you through the streets of the German town.


Final narrative is on "Ascension" which leads to "Dr.Faustus" running just under nine minutes its a heroic , absorbing finale as his soul is sold to Lucifer, the tragic story unfolds with some spectacular riffs and is a fait accompli
In fact I had forgotten how good this album is am so glad they have re released this opus, with Michele Lupins vocals you cant go wrong and he excels himself on the re-release. its up there with some of the best Power Neo Classical Metal albums ever. My only gripe is the narration, sometimes I feel its better with out that particular feature. 

Finally  If you haven't heard this before ,you are missing out!  And if you  have the old version make sure you get your mitts on the re -release the production is  outta this world!

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Review : Seb Di Gatto      Score: 9.5 /10 
Aldo Lonobile - Rhythm and Lead guitar
Michele Luppi - Vocals
Marco Pastorino -  guitars
Andrea Buratto - Bass
Gabriele Ciaccia - Keyboards
 Marco Lazzarini: Drums

1.Gate of Wisdom
3.Under the Flag of Mary Read
4.The Brave
7.Lady of Silence
8.The Mystery of Love
9Paganini's Nightmare
12.Dr. Faustusm

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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