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                                                                                                    With Aldo From Secret Sphere 
MM: Hi great to meet you, What has the feedback been like for the reworked Release of  "A Time Never Came"
Aldo : Hi and thanks for this interview!

Feedback has been absolutely great! Reviews are great and fans messages are really lovely.

Often re-recording albums are not appreciated, they are considered as commercial steps when bands don't have anything new on the plate, but this time people understood that we did it with the same passion and hard work that usually we give to a new release.

MM: Can you tell us why you decided to rework the Album  and how you feel the Re-Release varies from the original?


Aldo: At the beginning our Japanese label asked us to rework on "A Time Never Come".

In Japan it's our best seller album and one of the most important power metal album coming from Italy, since we changed completely the line up, with a news singer that change a lot the sound of a bande they asked us to do it!

Later we said ok, let's releaseit for all our fans around the world.

New version has obviously the main changes in the vocal lines , but even the orchestral arrangements are completely different more dark and bombastic.

Another aspect is the rhythm section, absolutely more loud!

MM: Your band lyrics and themes have  always been indepth and intelligent, where do you draw inspiration from for the ideas.


Aldo: Well music for us it's something that coming from inside, people need to find little parts of their life in our music , and there we find inspiration, from every little aspect of life.

Life gives alwasy precious messages even in the bad events.
MM: When can we expect a New Album Secret Sphere Album, and  if its in progress can you give us some hints to its content


Aldo : Will be a double album , always a concept album and will be out at the beginning of 2016.

Talking about music, will be the natural evolving of what we did in "Portrait Of A Dying Heart"
MM:  Plans regarding festivals and tours in 2015


Aldo: During 2015 our live activity will be very low, since we need to write the new album and some of us are involved in other projects, for Example Michele will be on tour with Whitesnake as Keyboard player.

MM: You have played with many amazing bands , what would you say has been the most memorable tour?


Aldo : Absolutely the Gamma Ray tour in 2010, really amazing people and a very long tour around Europe!!!

MM: Three Words to describe Secret Sphere


Aldo: Majestic, Bombastic, Finest!
MM: Thanks for your time , any Final words for your fans and our readers


Aldo: We are always happy when someone  give us space to introduce our band to new people, so we hope to meet you soon on the road!!!

Give a chance to our music, you won't be disappointed!


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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