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                                                                                                       Label: Pavement Entertainment
                                                                                                       Release Date: 21st August 2020
Hailing from Manchester New Hampshire USA we have the multi-talented Sepsiss who combine traditional Metal with a blend of face-ripping hardcore delivery. "11-11" is upbeat, aggressive, and an addictive Album that has you constantly pressing replay.
Fronted by the mega-talented Melissa Wolfe on clean  Vocals and William Savant with harsher tones, bringing the dominant feature in the Bands overall sound combined with modern rhythms, light synths and blended with urban hardcore Sepsiss deliver something refreshing and outstanding with this release that inspires and seriously kicks ass!

Opening with "Fair to Say" I can say without hesitation you will instantly fall in love with Melissa's voice and the way Sepsiss brings the noise,  this is instantly catchy,  pure ear candy that rocks you senseless. A personal favorite on here is the massive "To Write Hate on His Arms" a song that's been out a while already this ticks all the boxes and really, should be and hopefully will get picked up by mainstream stations, I find this song to be heavy and insanely compelling, love the work between the Bands founders Melissa and Savant, it's simply excellent.

The guitar wizardry on "The Sky is Falling"  is awesome as it cranks up and sucker-punches you in the face with its verve and hellish grooves. There are no fillers on here as the Album covers a wide selection of tempos and mood changes as "Force you to Lay down"  pounds into view, and beats into you.

The opening to "The Swarm" has a kind of Gothic appeal to it, and with the second track on here, this is a definite highlight for me on "11-11". Melissa has a delightful and sublime voice that drips like honey at times, which can also ignite into a wildfire of burning intensity, believe me when I tell you this girl has an amazing range and a massive future in the industry.
The rampaging "Falling Unloved" brings its Metal fully to the core, it will strip your walls with its delirious insanity, as we are led into "More Than Before" it's simply delicious.  "Push" is made for the radio, World take notice! theirs a new Princess in town with Metal attitude!
Recently released "Blacklight Invasion" is a tune that, if am honest took me a while to fully appreciate, but yeah it does hit the mark. "Sweet Nothings" has more attitude than a pissed off bull on Ritalin, it stampedes and cracks heads open with its passion. Final track "Eyes of Empathy" brings things to a close 
Sepsiss are destined for greatness without a doubt, lets hope this COVID 19  nightmare concludes soon and sees this Band on tour and getting the attention and accolades they so rightly deserve.


Review: Seb Di Gatto     Score:8/10
Reviewed: 14/08/20

1.Fair to Say
2.To Write Hate on His Arms
3.The Sky is Falling
4.Force you to Lay Down
5.The Swarm
6.Falling Unloved
7.More Than Before
9.Blacklight Invasion
10.Sweet Nothings
11.Eyes of Empathy



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