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                                                                                                                        Sergeant Steel 
                                                                                                             Riders of The Worm 
                                                                                                             Label: Boyz Tyme Records 
                                                                                                             Release Date:27th November 2015
Sergeant Steel are a Hard Rocking sleaze infused  band hailing from Austria, they are are the countries Number one Rock Band and with their third album "Riders of The Worm" its easy to see why, the album drips in 80s Eighties Hair Metal Good Time Rocking and is full to the brim, with fourteen tracks on offer! So rather than go through each one individually I will give a brief run down of some of the tracks  here. SO grab a hold ya cowboy boots, get ya wig outta storage ( if like me you no longer have long hair or any at all) and PARTY ! as "Happy Time RAWKS into the room , yes the lyrics are cheesy, but so what this is good time tuneage that  brings a smile to your face, a catchy sing along chant ensues , and some nifty guitar man ship completes this opening  track this is a hot fave  for me.


There are a few guest appearances on here and Track Three sees Kane Roberts of Alice Cooper making an appearance on "Silver Spoon" it actually shocked me when I first heard this, am double taking thinking is that Vince Neil ?!? as  Phil Vanderkill's vocals start.

This oozes Eighties Metal cruising down the street , top down and banging out the tunes, superb song not original at all but I don't care! The obligatory ballad is "Where My Heart is" its not too bad but am not  a huge fan of Ballads, its got some soul , reminded me a bit of early Skid Row which isn't a bad thing , the guitar Solo is meaty and worth listening to alone on this song.


"Young and Hungry" is a track that is bound to be lapped up live, it's sing along anthematic chorus shakes the walls and with the addition of a guest appearance from Mark Slaughter you really can't  go wrong.

Next is the speedy and free wheeling  "Only Good Girls (Love a Rock N Roll Boy") this is a hellishly addictive number that jives and shakes you to the core.

Err "Cant Take My Hands" is a bit surreal with Native Indian war crys and sounds, its flipping different lets just say! with some proggie keyboarding that leads into the track, its a very strange intro, but once it gets going it certainly gets your Hard rocking juices flowing, its just a bit of a bizarre tune, but what the hell ya can tell the band had a hell of a time recording this Album and fans will lap it all up.

"Rock N Roll Highway"  is a bit like ,ok we have heard this all before.. but its a happy groovy neat tune.

 "Promised Land " slows things down with some outstanding vocals and acoustic guitar that starts this number off , it fills you with a warm feeling this ballad is simply excellent.


Then these Austrians fucking ruin it on the final track witha Hip hop version of "Dirty Habits" oh give me strength! Nuff said !!  
My only criticism is the number of tracks (Esp the Hip Hop version of  Dirty Habits)!  I think ten would have been sufficient , but hey I guess if you are out driving through the night this would be  perfect company as you can Rock Roll and sing to the "STEEL"! ALL NIGHT LONG ! 
 So to sum up If you like Motley Crue, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, and the whole Eighties hair Metal scene this will Rock your cowboy boots off! in no uncertain terms you will sing along to all the songs on "Riders of The Worm" 


Review: Seb Di Gatto   Score:9/10
Tracklist:                                                                              Facebook       Website
1. Happy Time (Love On Demand) 
02. Dirty Habits 
03. Silver Spoon - feat. Kane Roberts 
04. Where My Heart Is 
05. Young And Hungry - feat. Mark Slaughter 
06. Only Good Girls (Love A Rock ‘n’ Roll Boy) 
07. Hot Widow 
08. Mr. Right 
09. Can’t Take My Hands 
10. Rock ’n’ Roll Highway 
11. Samsara 
12. Promised Land 
13. Trouble Maker 


Phil Vanderkill - Lead Vocals 
Jack Power - Guitars, Backing Vocals 
Chuck Boom - Guitars, Backing Vocals 
Ben Bateman - Piano, Keys 
Ronny Roxx - Bass Guitar 
Cøsy Cøxx - Drums

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