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                                                                                                          Seven Deadly  
                                                                                                  Obliviation   WEMC Productions    


Seven Deadly have been causing a Tsunami!! in the Metal world and have released a stunning debut of molten, hard hitting music to please the masses with 'Obliviation'. 

With determination and a “Fuck You Now” scream opening from lead vocalist Archie Wilson they deliver a ferocious opener with 'Play The Game' this is heavy, emphatic metal to grab you by the throat and spin you around the room with a frenzy of drooling metallic riffs and growls from the bowels of the earth. My favourite track on here has to be the superb 'Life Begins to Fade', if this doesn’t get your blood pumping, have you singing along, and jumping around the room then I am afraid you are in a coma or already brown bread!!


This five piece have read the formula rewritten it and come up trumps with a song that bruises and bombards your senses. 'From This Darkness' reminds me of another band but I can’t put my finger on who they are, whoever it is its immaterial, this is a meandering masterpiece of heavy licks and machine gun drumming, this five piece work it, sweat it, kicking in the glass doors, sending shards of glass to pierce your skin. 


The band are driven to near destruction, screaming in anger, as the song reaches its end.  An angry rampaging bull enters the room as the drums batter and annihilate as 'Posthumous' kicks in.  Title track 'Obliviation' really does “Seek and Destroy” this is a challenge to the world, in my mind I can see pits erupting as the band deliver this song live. 


It is fist punching killer, delirious heaven.. love the "Tick Tock, Tick Tock” line!!  You got to just adore what this band have created here, made up with members from Panic Cell this five piece really do “Seek and Destroy”. 


Okay so I'm halfway through this work of art, I need to catch my breath ha ha.. So luckily 'Remain at Peace' is a slower number and I am not as young as I used to be!!! It is still heavy as hell though and screams from the pits of damnation explode as the song progresses. 

'Pure Steel' like the title suggests is metallic, thudding wrought iron metal delivered to the masses on a platter of tungsten nails and spitting hell. 


'Allegiance' continues the metal meltdown.  I love the lyrics to 'Remember', a bitter and dark song to make you truly remember!  Penultimate track 'The Wrath', like all of the tracks on here, has classic lyrics and tones to see this band make it huge. The last song is 'Time Ghost' its foreboding opening leads into four and a half minutes of aggressive musicianship to leave your jaw hanging open at the bands pure immense majesty!


The band mix it all up, it is melodic, thrash, hard-core heaven there are some bands on the scene already who try and do this brand of music and fail miserably the future is SEVEN DEADLY!


Seven Deadly are building up a fine pedigree having played Download, toured with Orange Goblin and who are favoured by the metal bible that is Metal Hammer. Judging by this release the future is not only promising, world domination is a real possibility. Check out one of the best Metal bands on the scene, the album is truly excellent. So grab a hold of it as soon as possible, and raise your horns to seven Deadly!  


N.B. Final word has to be for the vocalist, he’s a clever talented fellow, he produced and mastered this whole album as well as being a top notch vocalist, it’s all A+ with stars on for this Bonny lad!!!


Review by: Seb Di Gatto 


1. Play The Game 
2. Life Begins To Fade
3. From This Darkness
4. Posthumous
5. Blood On Your Hands
6. Obliviation
7. Remain At Peace
8. Pure Steel
9. Allegiance
10. Remember
11. The Wrath
12. Time Ghost     

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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