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                                                                                                                  Seven Thorns

                                                                                                            Title: Symphony of Shadows

                                                                                                            Label: Mighty Music

                                                                                                            Release Date:14th December 2018

Seven Thorns release their third Album in December called “Symphony of Shadows” it a Metallers wet dream full of heavy pulsating powerful grooves this work is gonna blow your mind with its heavy, neo classical Power Metal momentum.

Opening with “Evil Within” the classical tones build to a crescendo as Gabriel Tuxens Guitar and the bombastic rhythm section of Mads Mølbæk Bass and Lars Borup pounding Drums lay down the perfect execution for Nielsen’s soaring keyboards added to the mighty Vocals of Björn Asking  its one helluva opener that has you transfixed and pressing repeat play a lot , it took me ages to get past this majestic opener.

“Black Fortress” sees Borups Drums continue to be annihilated as these Danes continue to impress and amaze you, love the way this track is worked and has a few surprises along the way, one that has you singing along to the chorus in no time. “Ethereal (I'm Still Possessed)” is a blistering piece of no holds barred Metal that races along and has you punching the air and delighting in its delivery.


Next, we get a track full of eastern promise as “Beneath a Crescent Moon” takes you on a magic carpet ride of Power Metal enchantment. “Castaway” is a roller coaster of a track with many dips and curves to keep the listener transfixed, which leads into “Last Goodbye” thunderous Bass lines and massive Drums with chugging Guitars are the order of the day as this spirited Metal tune hits all the right spots.

The Band experiment with an industrial track “Virtual Supremacy” is a surprise but works and shows the Band aren’t afraid to try something a bit different.

An orchestral piece leads into the final song which is the massive title track “Symphony of Shadows” the guys really have left the best to last this is immense as the track unfolds, they deliver a supreme cut of Melodic Power Metal that’s just the piece de resistance to this work of art.

With this Opus, be ready to sing your lungs out, bang your head hard and salute Seven Thorns…

                                                   Remember Seven Thorns motto: "METAL IS YOUR DESTINY"


Review: Seb Di Gatto    Score 8.5/10             Facebook



Track listing

1. Evil Within

2. Black Fortress

3. Ethereal (I'm Still Possessed)

4. Beneath A Crescent Moon

5. Castaway

6. Last Goodbye

7. Virtual Supremacy

8. Shadows' Prelude

9. Symphony of Shadows




Björn Asking Vocals

Gabriel Tuxen Guitar

Asger W. Nielsen Keyboards

Mads Mølbæk Bass

Lars Borup Drums


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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