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                                                                                           Facing The Fallout   Label:Pure Steel Records
                                                                                                        Release Date: 15th January
Hamburgs  Power Metallers ShadowBane have a debut album , due to be released in January it promises to grab the Metal world, `Its Explosive,  and I  am instantly taken with Stefans vocals on a fantastic melodic hard hitting opener, now I love my German Metal and this opening really  delivers, the  sound quality is crystal clear,  and the  musicianship is simply immense.

"Red Alert" opens with waves , a windswept night that  leads to a bell tolling and a air raid warning then "Beyond The Winds of War" Explodes , its heavy ,melodic and a helluva powerful beginning.

Favourite track on here is "Traitor" the solos and heads down Metal oozes out of your speakers,  attacking  with a vipers kiss! It will have you headbanging ,  singing and shouting "Traitor"!!! "Under Blood Red Skies"smashes and ignites, the shredding ,  kick ass riffs are delivered with gusto and frantic  machine gun drumming  erupts into the room.

A  pronged attack of Metal delirium is delivered and reminding me heavily of Maidenesque mastery on "After The Fallout".
"Dystopia" sees the band excel with a middle eastern vibe running through the song as it builds and builds into an an-thematic apocalypse of Powerful riffs and fist punching exhilaration. 

Really wasn't too keen on "Tear Down The Wall"  Having said that the guitar solo is scintillating and makes the song but just wasn't to keen on the vocal delivery.

Service is resumed with the pounding and steel melting "Badlands Law"

Penultimate track "Last Division" marching boots as battle commences , its frantic, heavy and
sees the Metal horns  delivered to the sky in salute to these Teutonic Terrors!

Final song "Source of Grief" is fast and delivers whiplash as you try and bang your head and keep in sync with the songs tempo!  to sum up

This is Teutonic Power Metal delivered with verve,tenacity and passion.  
Experts on the German underground scene have labelled them as  promising Newcomers, and it is easy to see why from this ten track killer release"Facing The Fallout" Check them out !     

                                                                    Shadowbane Interview
 Review: Seb Di Gatto   SCORE:8.0         Facebook            Website 

1.Red Alert
2.Beyond The Winds of War
4.Under Blood Red Skies
5.After The Fallout
7.Tear Down The Wall
8.Badlands Law
9.Last Divison
10.Source of Grief

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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