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                                                                                                                     Shotgun Rodeo                                                    

                                                                                                              World Wide Genocide   

                                                                                                              Label: Independent
                                                                                                              Release Date:December 4th
Shotgun Rodeo are from Norway and they are about to set the world on fire with this their debut Album “World Wide Genocide” its a rifftastic behemoth of a release with tough grooves and caustic vocals from Nino Escopeta.

”Drown” opens proceedings , punching you hard in the face with a studded glove , I especially love the shredding from Shrediablo combined with the precision drumming combined with growls from Vegzilla and deep booming bass lines delivered by Dorian Crazed ,this is a belting opener to what is one of the best Debut releases in 2015 with out a shadow of doubt.


“The Silver Tongue Devils” exudes Menace and delivers some bone crunching riff's that will have you head banging and punching the air in a frenzy of flying fists. “Saving Myself” opens slowly then builds into a mosh pit of flying bodies as this stomping hard core inspired song tramples  with  ferocious attitude.

“Knock Me Dead” has Metal Anthem written all over it, the no nonsense lyrics are full bloodied and intense as you “Knock em Fucking Dead! “Scavenger of Death” is a thrash inspired number that shows the bands dexterity and musical influences, then on the other side of the coin you get a Powerful Power Metal track with “Withered Earth”.


I love “Skincrawl” Vegzilla growls as the title is spat out, this hostile song delivers on all fronts as the groove is dug deep into the earths core.

“Rust” shows the bands sensitive side ,it’s a bit disappointing after the previous tracks to be honest, its a song  that I feel the album could have done without.

“Up in Smoke” is more like it as the band burst into a frenzy of raging abandonment.


”Among Wolves” snarls and gnashes its teeth ,it’s a brutal piece that drips its  venom and scars your cerebral cortex. “Reckless Abandon” like the previous song stands and delivers ,ripping your face off. “Dying Inside” goes down the soft route again but unlike "“Rust"” I found this song more appealing with its intelligent, deep , meaningful and passionate lyrics.


Final track Fear& Psychosis" is a progressive monster that’s over nine minutes long and an epic end to “World Wide Genocide” .
So to sum up these guys from Trondhiem mix the Metal genres up thoughout this opus and it works really well, this band have a Mutha fucking huge future in store for them!  ALL HAIL SHOTGUN RODEO!   


Review: Seb Di Gatto  Score: 9/10

Lineup:                                                     Facebook       Website
Nino Escopeta – Vocals
Don Shrediablo – Guitars
Dorian Crazed – Bass
Vegzilla – Drums


2.The Silver Tongued Devils.
3.Saving Myself
4.Knock Em Dead
5.Scavenger of Death
6.Withered Earth
7.Skin Crawl
9.Up in Smoke
10.Among Wolves
11.Reckless Abandon
12.Dying Inside
13.Fear &Psychosis














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