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                                                                                   Shout For Heavy Metal

                                                                      Label: Pure Steel Records    Release 14th November


Austrian metallers Mortican have been around the Metal scene on and off for 25 years,  and have a huge cult status in their homeland , they  released a three track album "No War" in 1987 ,( which is highly sought after by collectors), Pure Steel re released the album with extras which saw the band reform and in 2011  a self titled album was released. 


Now in 2014 The band are back and commanding attention with   "Shout For Heavy Metal" and indeed you will. The album has a electrifying mixture of Old School Metal  with some Thrash and Power Metal, the band deliver on all levels, they will have you jumping, headbanging and singing along. The title track opens proceedings and while some may say its a totally cheesy song be it, enjoy the song and do as the title says!


These guys love their Metal and it oozes and sweats from every pore. Racing guitars, big riffs and a  headbanging attitude is delievered though out, no more so than on "Eaglespy" The speed slows down a bit for "Promised Land". Clench your fist and punch the air to "Rock Power"

Thumping and destroying all your brain cells "The Devil You Know" batters , waking Lucifer and his minions. "Black Eyes" see you on a empty highway with the eyes of the night upon you,  this is so Iron Maiden "Killers" its fun and retro! as the band chime "Satan"" Satan"

"Inner Self" kicks back side, its fast , aggressive and has some cracking lyrics and a guitar solo to rattle your teeth .


"Hate" opens slowly then ignites and explodes as we draw to the final track am looking back on the previous songs and feel that had the band released this album in the Eighties they would have caused an almighty stir and been huge , thats not to say it couldnt still happen! What with Heavy Metal in some cases returning to its roots it could be so. "Wrong Way" finshes the album and I hope people see the right way and support this band! They deserve it!


To sum up there isnt anything new here but this is worth a listen and a "Shout for Heavy Metal"!  


Review Seb Di Gatto                        Score 8/10                 Mortician Interview


1. Shout For Heavy Metal

2. Eagle Spy

3. Promised Land

4. Rock Power

5. The Devil You Know

6. Black Eyes

7. Inner Self

8. Hate

9. Wrong Way


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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