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                                                                                                      Label:Fysisk Format

                                                                                                      Release Date: 9th December 2016

Sibiir formed back in 2014 , taking their name from the coldest town on earth in Siberia , Russia , now they deliver their soul bruising debut album, these Norwegians bring a mix of Hardcore fusion , Thrash and Black Metal to abuse and curdle your brain .

In a Metal tsunami of thrashing delirium the Album opens with "Bekmörke” (which means Pitch Black) its vicious and punishing  and will  stimulate a frenzy of headbanging fury.

"These Rats we Deny" unleashes a Doom fuelled Dark and disturbing piece as Vocalist Jimmy Nymoen stirs your emotions with this menacing and threatening  song, added in is some immense musician ship from the rhtymn section Kent Nordi on Bass and Eivind Kjølstad on Drums ,this track is a highlight on here and has the  dynamic of being brutal , unrelenting ,and pierces deep into your heart like a javelin of ice.


I love the swirling guitars from Tobias Gausemel Backe and Steffen Grønneberg on "The Spiral" its a coiled spring of  malevolent mania  twisting and turning into a mesmeric , consuming piece of  Hardcore.

The lightning pace of ‘Silence The Seagulls’ rampages to a crescendo of beastly guitar riffs and a pummelling bass and drums, all rounded off by the threatening vocals of young Nymoen, once again highlighting the bands Melodic and intimidating artistic Menaces. This song  would indeed silence the hateful flying rats!!  who have been the bane of my life many times in the early mornings after a night out, this track is a perfect solution to deafen and drown out these squawking miscreants !!


"Guillotines" rips you to shreds along with "Beat Them to Death" this truly is Metal for the most pissed off ! Then the awesome "Apathetic" comes along  starting out as an instrumental that turns into something else part way through , without a doubt this is my favourite track on here  its a captivating, ominous work of art. "White Noise" goes for the jugular and doesn't lose its grip as the title is spat out, it  sends ice cold pin pricks up and down your spine. "Erase & Adapt" continues to pummel you senseless with its minacious grooves.  

"I.C.Y.C.S.D" brings things to a close with  aggressive  and hostile intent.


These Norwegians have something special here its a mix up of so many things it keeps the listener enthralled  with its passion , and verve. This is Yet another stellar release in 2016 and Sibiir are one to keep a look out for!!   


Review : Seb Di Gatto  Score:9/10

Reviewed: 6.12.16


Band Line up:

 Vocals / Jimmy Nymoen

Guitars / Tobias Gausemel Backe

Guitars / Steffen Grønneberg

Bass / Kent Nordi

Drums / Eivind Kjølstad


Track Listing:

1. Bekmörke

2. These Rats We Deny

3. The Spiral

4. Silence The Seagulls

5. Guillotines

6. Beat Them To Death

7. Apathetic

8. White Noise

9. Erase & Adapt

10. I.C.Y.C.S.D



Vocals / Jimmy Nymoen

Guitars / Tobias Gausemel Backe

Guitars / Steffen Grønneberg

Bass / Kent Nordli

Drums / Eivind Kjølstad


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