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                                                                                               Signal Static Interview 28/11/22


MM: Can you tell us about your Band and your biggest influences


Oh yeah, I mean we can tell you all sorts of things about our band.  Oh, you actually wanted us to.. right.


We are Signal Static, and we’re a heavy alt-rock band, with attitude, from Vancouver Island on the west coast of Canada.  If you go in for comparisons we have sometimes been described as sounding like Tool or Chevelle meets Queens of the Stoneage, that is to say that we can be dark and heavy, but with a groovy and emotionally compelling, punk-y edge.


The three of us (Ryan, Gino, and Randy) got together back in 2015.  Ryan had previously been in different bands with Gino and Randy and then we all ended up getting acquainted together at Ryan’s wedding in the summer of 2015.  We started jamming in the fall and suddenly it’s seven years later, somehow!


Since the whole Covid thing locked everything down we’ve been writing and recording as a three-piece with Ryan Stringer on lead vocals and bass, Gino Klein on guitars, and Randy Camponi on drums.  We’ve also just recently been joined by our new bassist Alex Beaudoin, who will be taking over the bass from Ryan so that he can focus on fully transitioning over to the frontman role.


As a band we’ve always been really interested in exploring what it means to be human, and more importantly what it means to be a good human.  Our songs reflect those questions by calling out bad actors, amplifying marginalized voices, and also just examining our own experiences, thoughts, and struggles.



MM: Where do you draw your inspirations and ideas from


There is just so much to look to for inspiration when writing scathing social commentary these days, isn’t there?  Of course we get a lot of our musical inspiration from current events, political and social issues, and the question of Human experience in general.  Being an amplifier for marginalized voices and speaking out about the state of the world and the various things that affect everybody who lives here is also really important.

It seems like everywhere we turn we’re seeing our fellow artists acting awfully, and if we can be an example of how you can be creatively intense and make music that kicks all kinds of ass, but still be good human beings, that will be a job worth doing.



MM: What would you say is your favorite song?


Ryan: How to pick just one?  All of our songs are so good!  In all seriousness, though, this changes all the time for me.  One of my favourite songs right now is ‘My Dark Disquiet’ by a Scandinavian band called Poets of the Fall.  They wrote it for the video game ‘Control’, and actually hid the album cover as a prop in the game, which was pretty cool.


Randy: Currently its a toss up between “Ich tu der weh” by Rammstein and “Closer” by Joda. For now.


Alex: Rising Son by Clutch



MM: Which three Bands would be your ultimate touring buddies


Ooh.  Maybe Queens of the Stoneage, Tool, and Filter?  That would be a pretty epic show.

Randy: Above and Beyond, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Mastodon.


MM: What's the most memorable concert you've been to (other than your own)

and why


Ryan: It’s a toss up between Muse’s Drones tour and Depeche Mode a couple of years ago.  Muse had the coolest production I’ve ever seen, and they did it in the round, which was really interesting for a rock show.  Depeche Mode was, well, Depeche Mode.  Seeing Dave Gahan spin around for like a minute straight without seemingly getting dizzy or throwing up was really amazing.  RIP Andy Fletcher.


Randy: Def Leppard Hysteria tour. 1987. Copps Coliseum, Hamilton Ontario. I was 11. Still one of the best live performances I’ve ever seen. A close second would be Lollapalooza in Toronto in 1992. One of the best concert lineups ever.


Alex: I'd probably say Primus & Clutch at Marymoor Park in Washington state.



MM: What do you feel has been your biggest accomplishment so far


The fact that we’ve managed to be a band now for seven years and still genuinely like each other and enjoy making music together is honestly a pretty serious accomplishment.  We also somehow manage to keep getting better at the craft, and that is something we can all be proud of.  Moving into this whole new era of Signal Static and getting ready to drop the best material we’ve ever created together is the icing on a pretty accomplished cake.


MM: Which are your Two favorite Albums of all time


Ryan: Off the top of my head Muse’s ‘Absolution’ and maybe White Lies’ ‘Ritual’, but that also changes frequently.


Alex: Them Crooked Vultures self titled and All Them Witches Sleeping Through the War.


Randy: Michael Jackson “Thriller” and Red Hot Chili Peppers “Blood Sugar Sex Magic”. It’s almost like Def Leppard Hysteria is an essential mention here though.



MM: Can you remember the first time you ever played live and how it felt to have

people watching you?


Ryan: It was in Grade 9, and my buddies and I had started our very first band based on the idea that we REALLY wanted to be like U2.  We spent so much time setting up lights and a cool stage intro that we forgot to tune our instruments or soundcheck, and honestly we had no idea what we were doing.  It did not go very well.  Still, it was pretty damned exciting, and I remember thinking “This will be a lot of fun once we’re actually any good at it.”


Randy: It was both empowering and awkward. My band mates and I put a ton of effort into promoting the gig only to have the venue double booked and unapologetic last minute. We made it work by playing in the guitarist’s back yard. One of the best live experiences I’ve experienced to date despite the calamity. Shout out to Project 9 in Toronto.



MM: Growing up which Bands posters did you have on your bedroom wall.


Ryan: Let’s see, U2, definitely.  The Cranberries, Moist, and Age of Electric.


Alex: I believe I had the classic Led Zeppelin poster at one point but wasn't a big poster kid.


Randy: Well, to be honest I think I had more Lamborghinis and Ferraris on my wall than bands. Also a lot of skateboarding centerfolds and Thrasher content. I’d have likely put up DRI and Pennywise posters though if I had them.




MM - Who do you think influenced the world of Metal / Rock more than any other



Ryan: We could probably sit here for hours and not run out of people to name, and you’d probably get a different set of answers no matter who you asked.  The truth is that there are so many people who have influenced this very broad genre of music, and in as many different ways.  It is kind of cool to fantasize that maybe we could be included in somebody’s list one day, though.


Randy: Led Zepplin as a collective. No contest.


MM - What's the most important thing to the band right now?


It’s the same thing it’s always been, really.  Making music that we care about, that has something to say, and with people that we enjoy.  The whole reason for starting this band to begin with was to be a platform for everybody in it to create music together in a fulfilling way, and in that endeavour we have been very successful.


Of course it would be pretty rad if we could make a living being big goddamn rockstars, but hey, we’ll take what we can get.


MM:If you could do a cover of any song which one would it be and why?


Covers are fun, and we are currently working on a cover of Muse’s Hysteria, which should be cool once we’ve got it down.  We’ve covered Nine Inch Nails in the past, and that was always a blasty-blast.  Would also love to put our spin on any of several Depeche Mode songs, or maybe ‘Just What I Needed’ by The Cars.


The thing about covers, though, is that you can’t get overly attached to any one song.  Keep them interesting and keep them moving.


MM: Tell us why we should buy and listen to your Band


You should buy and listen to our music if you like our music, really.  Or if you’re a patron of the arts and feel inclined to support a group of independent musicians creating from their hearts.  Or if you know somebody who is a fan of music like ours and might like us.  Or if you’re bored of listening to bubblegum pop, or old jazz standards, or Mariah Carey’s Christmas album and are just looking for a change of pace.  Or just for the hell of it.


I guess when you think about there are all kinds of excellent reasons to buy and listen to our music!  The real elevator pitch, though - we make music that means something, to us at the very least.  We’re an intensely honest and down-to-Earth band that will always make music that tells the truth as far as we can see it.  If that’s the kind of thing you’re into, you’ll probably enjoy our music.


MM: Four words to describe the band


Ryan: Signal Static is cool.


Randy: The End is Nigh.



Final Words for your fans and our readers?


We’re just a band looking at a worldwide community of potential fans and asking them to love us.  Please love us.  FOR THE LOVE OF GOD LOVE US.


You know what, we’re fine, don’t worry about us.  It’s cool.  We’re cool.




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