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                                                                                                              Silent Descent 
                                                                                                             Title:  Mind Games 
                                                                                                             Label: Rising Records    

  Hailing from Dartford, this seven piece metal band combine metal with Trance and Synth and some elements of Hard-core thrown into the mix, in fact I would say they are more a hardcore band with some Trance influences?... 

Silent Descent will be making their third appearance at Download and band are clearly making waves in the metal scene.   'Mind Games' is an accomplished album and it really grows on you, it stands out and delivers a refreshing change.  Personally not totally mad on the synthesizers, but they don’t detract from the content of the album. 


The album is well produced with demonic drumming and powerful outstanding lyrics, they do get into your head pretty quickly.  The tracks that standout above the rest for me are 'Psychotic Euphoric', clearly a hardcore number and a crowd pleaser.  'Mind Games', this goes for the jugular and doesn’t  lessen it’s grip. Really love the way the keyboards are interspersed with the guttural growls on 'Coke Stars'.  It's really out there.  


'Bring –In –Sanity' is a vicious number, hard as nails and delivered with venom by Tom Watling.  'Lasting Impression' gets under your skin and has some mean riffage on it.  'On That Trip' has the melodic, damn heavy and soul crushing vibe that clearly raises Silent Descent above other bands in this genre of Metal /Trance/ Symphonic Metal... 


Personal favourite track is the superb 'Breaking The Space', a song I really enjoyed, especially the ... “Defecate,Eat, Sleep” ... intro ha ha! …   

Being a fan of bands such as Mellowtoy, Ill Nino, Mordred, Malefice myself, the more I got into this album, the more I enjoyed it and think it would be ideal to work out to down the gym, have on full blast in the car etc.  I can imagine these guys really put on a hell of a live performance. 

Silent Descent are a band I would go and see when they tour, as I have a feeling the live experience would be amazing. Definitely a band to watch out for!


Review by: Seb Di Gatto



1.  Overture 
2. Psychotic Euphoric 
3. Mind Games 
4. Bricks 
5. Coke Stars 
6. Bring-In-Sanity 
7. Lasting Impression 
8. Devoid 
9. On That Trip 
10. Sober Thoughts 
11. Breaking The Space  

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